11 August 2008

Visitors from South Africa - Part 4

On Saturday, 19th July, we went and picked my folks up from Hornsby train station after spending just short of 6 weeks up on the Gold Coast with my brother.

At this point I was still looking for a job. I'd been to a few interviews and had made the cut for a couple of 2nd interviews too. Unfortunately, during the week of the 2nd interviews I came down with a bloody cold! I completely duffed those interviews as a result. In hindsight, I probably would've been better off trying to postpone the interviews. *sigh* Anyway, after spending a week in bed, I got back on the horse & started going to interviews again. I felt like all I was doing was going to interviews.... first interview with the recruitment agent and hopefully get on the shortlist for an interview with the client & then, if I've really done well, a 2nd interview with the client. So most of it's a bit of a blurr - I couldn't tell you who I interviewed with or how many interviews I went on. Although, amongst these, there was one that really stood out. A country club on the Northern Beaches was looking for a Membership Secretary. I'd already been offered a position at a great company in Lane Cove as their Sales Administrator. So this is where I stood when my folks arrived - stalling the Lane Cove guys hoping that I'd hear from the Country Club with good news.

We didn't do much on the Saturday night cos they arrived quite late, but we headed out on Sunday for lunch at the Newport Arms. It was Nike's birthday on the Monday & we weren't going to be able to get together, so her, James & Thomas joined us for lunch.

By this stage, Scott had also come down with the dreaded lurgy & was feeling pretty crappy so we headed home early & spent the evening at home.

During the following week my folks had a ball going out and doing a whole stack of touristy stuff. We had planned to spend the following weekend down the coast in Wollongong (The 'Gong) but Scott was really feeling awful and of course hadn't taken off sick during the week.... so we decided to stay local for the weekend. We'd discovered some stunning spots with Penny & Tony recently so decided to take my folks as well.

The day got off to a fabulous start with Tiger Pies from Harry's Cafe de Wheels.

The Tiger is a lean beef pie with mash, mushy peas and gravy. It is true Aussie tucker and the ONLY way to eat a pie!

Mom & Dad digging into their Tigers!

South Head was our first stop

A great shot of us

The James Craig - Sydney's largest tall ship. We're hoping to spend New Year's Eve '08 on her but may only be able to do it next year.

Dad up at The Gap at South Head

Another good one of us

Checking out the spectacular view!

Looking down at The Gap

Taking the shady route back to the car

Us on the shady route

It was a beautiful day so the car was pretty hot. Good thing we have a sunroof - easy to get rid of all that hot air & cool the car down!

Mom & Dad walking up the hill back to the car with a beautiful North Head in the background

Mom & Dad at Bondi Beach

Looking out over Bondi from just next to the Icebergs Clubhouse

Dad waiting to cross the road

People watching at Bondi - a great way to pass the time

Love these shots - think this would prove we were actually there? :-)

Dad & Scott spent most of the day trying to figure out what the purpose of this structure was/is. A monument of some sort possibly? Nope, on our way home, we stopped off and found out that it's actually a Shit Stack!!! There's a sewerage plant and this is the chimney which gets rid of the fumes. It was quite a disappointing conclusion but my Mom & I had a good laugh!

On the Sunday we took a train to Milson's point and took a walk across the Harbour Bridge - here's a shot of Mom & Dad on the bridge

The Mupersans heading off...

Scott trying to take a pic of my folks but Dad got in first!

This is my future boat as seen from the bridge

From the bridge, we walked down to The Rocks

There are quite a few of these arty representations of the cottages which used to be along this street. Here's Dad behind one of the invisible walls.

After tasting some chilli sauses at the Rocks market, we decided to cool our mouths off with some ice cold beer

Dad at the pub with the market behind him.

Mom was trying to get a photo of me - this is me pulling faces!

A lovely shot of Mom & Dad at the Rocks Market

The intrepid explorers deciding on where to go next.... Scott & I decided to walk across to Darling Harbour while my folks took the ferry around.

After finding Claude's kitchen in the Rocks earlier this year, we finally found Bistro Lilly in the city! :-)

Walking to Darling Harbour

A farewell dinner at The Lotus Inn the night before Mom & Dad flew back to South Africa

The magnolias here are quite spectacular!!! On the walk back from the restaurant to our apartment, there is one such spectacular magnolia tree.... I bent a branch down to smell the some flowers, and the whole branch broke off! I wasn't going to just throw all those stunning flowers away, so took them home. Dad couldn't believe that I was going to take this branch home & put the flowers in a vase - did I have a vase big enough!!!???

Getting a vase out of the cupboard...

Ooooh..... So that's how you do it!

Mom lending a hand

Dad giving some advice...

And almost done....


At the airport in line to check in

Dad with Lilly & Claude's wedding present

After a 2 month holiday in Aus, I think my folks were really looking forward to getting home again. Not least of all to see their pets!

Hint! Hint! Mom - why not create a blog with your holiday adventures......??? :-)

The day after they left, I received a call from the Country Club to offer me the position as Member Services Secretary - I start on 19 August!

Scott and I have also been doing a bit of house/apartment hunting around the Northern Beaches area. We've found a couple of stunning places and have applications pending for them. Keep your fingers crossed that we get approved for them!

I'll keep you posted!

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Carol Markusse said...

Shew, you guys have had a wonderful time with all your visitors. Mands you and your mom look so alike. Scotty you are looking good and you both look like really happy little clams.

As for me stepping out from behind the camera, I do every now and then but then I still have control over what goes on the blog ;o) That said, I did put one of me on this last post LOL.