11 August 2008

Visitors from South Africa - Part 2

My folks were up early on Tuesday 10th June to catch their train up to the Gold Coast. Their jet lag gone, they both said that train trip was an amazing way to see some of the countryside. They must've been really stoked to finally get to see Doug, Mons, Chris & Jasmyne!

Scott & I flew up to the GC on the Thursday night in time for Mom's birthday on Friday, 13th June! Mom made a huge pot of spaghetti bolognaise which was absolutley delicious & we had a birthday party on the Friday evening. Geoff & Pearl were there - Doug's godfather & his wife who live on the GC (we flew up for Geoff's surprise birthday party just after we arrived in Sydney). And Monica's sister, Caroline was there with her boyfriend, Ben. It was a fabulous evening! It's not often that my Mom is with both her kids on her birthday so it was a pretty special one!

When we arrived on the Thursday night, the kids were already in bed so Friday morning we had a great play session! Jazzy is going to be an absolute heartbreaker when she grows up - just look at those eyes!!!

Looking out from the deck over Banora Point towards Coolangatta Beach

Caught in the act! My mom foraging for avocados - there is an enormous avo tree in the back yard which produces the most divine fruit! I am SO jealous!!! And what makes it absolutely sickening is that my brother doesn't even eat avocado!!!

Sunset from the deck

You gotta love the weather on the GC - T-shirts in the middle of winter!

Doug being domestic - making a bottle for Jazzy.

Dad's gorgeous girl! I reckon Doug will be purchasing that shotgun in just a few years....

Party Time!!!

On Saturday we all went down the coast to Byron Bay for the day. Byron Bay is very like the old Knysna - very arty and with the most amazing little clothing, art and souvenir shops. And then in another way, it's quite like Plett - a lot of huge mansions along the beachfront which are holiday houses for the rich and shameless from the big bad cities. And the beach is absolutely breathtaking! We had lunch at the Beach Hotel which had recently been sold to a Melbourne restaurateur for $65 million! Apparently in summer the place turns over $150k per day!!! It's right opposite the beach and has a stunning view - it was the perfect place for lunch!

I just love these hotel/bar type places. No "waitrons" running around taking drinks & food orders - not one! You get your drinks at the bar - simple. You go inside, order & pay for your food at the counter & receive a little buzzer thingy in return. Back at your table, when your food is ready, your buzzer thingy vibrates and beeps. You go and fetch your food & pick up some cutlery, napkin & condiments on your way back to the table. It's so simple. And efficient. It also gets rid of splitting a bill - you just go up and order your own food. And the food is usually excellent too - and not expensive either.

Here's a pic of the counter - you order your food on the left & pick up on the right.

Dad on the lawn across the road from the Beach Hotel

Scott on Byron beach

Byron Bay beach

Me on Byron beach

Chris taking granny walking over rocks to check out Doug surfing

Doug waiting for a wave...

Doug still waiting for a wave....

Finally - he got one!!!

Looking down the beach from the lookout point

Me being arty with a pic of the lighthouse through the trees with the moon above

Scott trying to spot Doug in the water below

I got bored waiting for Doug to catch a wave - but of course as I looked away for the photo, he caught one!

Uncle Scott, the jungle jim

Come on Chris, what's wrong? Arms too short?

Right, time for a swim!

Okay, let's make that a swing instead!

Let's just make sure there's no sand left in your pockets then!

Doug all embarrassed! I was standing ready with the camera while he used a little stripy facecloth to cover himself while trying to take off his wetsuit! Surprisingly, the cloth didn't fall!

Shame, poor Jazzy was so sick over the weekend but was nice and calm here with some comfort from granny. Dad! Just noticed that your feet are the same colour as the sand!

On Sunday we had lunch at Geoff & Pearl's in Robina. Their neighbours Margaret & Brian joined us as well. Margaret & Brian were in Sydney a few weeks later & came over for dinner - a great evening!

Helping Geoff out at the barbie

And the lamb chops are ready!

Geoff, Margaret & Brian - we're not quite sure what was up with Geoff's Dr Livingstone hat.... it actually had cobwebs on it which had Pearl & I in fits of giggles!

Pearl & I giggling about the spider web & mom also having a laugh in the background

Dad, Doug, Chris & Mom

Enjoying the great nosh! Pearl makes the creamiest mashed potatoes in the world! Yummy!

Pass the salt please! Mons, Scott, Geoff (don't you dare raise that finger and higher!), Margaret & Brian

Tucking in!

Mons looks almost like she wants to make a speech!

It was a wonderful way to end off this very special weekend on the Gold Coast for my Mom's birthday. After basking in the sun after lunch, Scott & I got into our hire car bound for the airport & back home to Sydney.

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