12 August 2008

Moving House!

Just a quick update....

We got the apartment we really wanted! We pick up the keys on my birthday and move in that weekend. ! ! ! ! ! Woooohooooo ! ! ! ! !

It's on the Northern Beaches which is where we really want to be - in Mona Vale. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with a double garage. And the view....... *sigh* the view is just absolutely amazing!!! On the one side, we have the Mona Vale Golf Course & in front of us is Mona Vale Beach! When Scott & I walked into the apartment last Saturday to view it, we knew immediately that it was the right one - it's got a very similar feel to our apartment in Pinelands at Kindroggan.

Click on this one to enlarge - it's an image from Google Earth. As you can see, it's a North East facing apartment so we'll have loads of sunlight & warmth.

The block from the road - our apartment is in a similar block behind this one

The Mona Vale Golf Course across the road

The kitchen

The main bathroom - there's another one en-suite as well

And this is why we wanted it so badly....!

So I start work at a golf club on 19 August and we move into our new apartment in Golf Avenue on 29 August.... I guess it was just meant to be! :-)

Now it's back to packing and arranging another move!

Cheers for now!



Mamajoon said...

Brilliant News! Now why didn't this happen before we got there????

Robyn & Deon said...

wom - spectacular - congrats
hope we get to see it in the not too distant future...

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Looks fantastic. Hope to see it one day.
Tony & Penny

Carol Markusse said...

Maybe you should both be taking up golf har har!!

Sounds and looks wonderful. Good luck with all the new stuff.

Carrie said...

Hey guys
Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!


Congratulations. The view looks spectacular... I am green with envy over that balcony. Next time Warren and I are in Sydney we'd like to invite ourselves for a barbie on that balcony!
Hope you guys are really happy there!!

ps Warren said "Gratz guys!!!"

The Mupersans said...

You've all got an open invitation for a barbie on the balcony!!! *sigh*

We miss you all loads and wish we could just say "Come on over on Saturday!". We really do need to start making a concerted effort to meet some people here. With summer coming up, we'll probably end up joining the local tennis club - apparently very social and plenty of exercise! And of course there's the swimming pool on the beach.... I'm not too sure about the "moer 'n soek" though (aka golf)!

Caroline said...

Oooooo - that does look lovely! Magnificent view - just stunning!

Seabee said...

That looks great - but I don't like the look of the temperature your gauge is showing!

The Mupersans said...

14 degrees is just too friggin' cold, isn't it!!!????
Summer's almost here! Yippee!!!

Rustige Swerwer said...

We have a lot of boxes for you if you are interested. As a matter of fact half my garage is full of boxes since our recent move... Contact me by posting a comment on my blog...pitkos.blogspot.com (I will simply intercept the post)

Claire said...

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