16 November 2011

Air Force 1 Lands in Canberra

POTUS has landed! Yip, that's what the President Of The United States is called amongst the security circles when he's about to hit town. Scott's been running himself ragged amoungst some of our clients who have secure facilities getting things perfect for the visit. He's also on 26 hour call - the full duration of the visit.
The C-17 Globemaster III landing at Canberra airport on Monday afternoon carrying some of the entourage vehicles - including the two presidential limos. One mightily impressive plane!!!
If you look really closely through the trees to the runway, that's Air Force 1 touching down. Sorry - couldn't find the zoom on my iPhone!
Air Force 1 landed and ready for da prez to hit Aussie soil. To be greeted by PM Julia Gillard and the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce.
And Obama drives by in the presidential limo - today he was in the second car.

I set the video to just record so I wasn't fiddling with the camera. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the road. Scott was on the opposite side and got a wave from Obama. Note Julia racing to catch up at the end - surprised with all those cops around that she didn't get done for speeding in a 40km/hr zone. LOL!
Exciting day! I'm not commenting on the politics or reasons for his visit. I'm choosing to keep this superficial and just enjoy the pomp and ceremony. First the Queen and now Obama. It is fun living in the Nation's capital.
The only downside (superficially speaking) is the American press corp who travel the world with Obama and get five star treatment where ever they go. Unfortunately, in Canberra, that happens to be across the road from our apartment at the National Press Club. I swear we're being cooked alive by the enormous dish pointed directly at the bedroom window. It emits this awful low frequency hum that makes me feel nauseous and gives me a headache. I don't think Aspro Clear can fix this headache! Think we'll sleep in the spare room tonight...


mupersan said...

Lots of excitement . Air force 1 , tick, USA president, tick, C17, tick.... What's next, aaaaah yes, residency ... Tick here!

Chantel said...

Love the post ... thanks. You are so lucky to see all the VIP's.