18 October 2011

Out 'n About in Canberra 2011 - pt 1

I'm just going to be updating the blog with some pics I've taken in 2011. So no big blog, just some pictures.

Scott outside the Kingston Old Bus Depot markets.

Lazy afternoon reading in the shade at the lake

Tree-lined suburban street in Barton - so like Pinelands without all the high walls and security gates.

The new hotel being built across the way - the crane about to be dismantled.

It was fascinating watching them dismantle the a crane with cranes. 

Autumn in Canberra is absolutely spectacular!

Some of the colours just don't look real.

Autumn in Telopea Park

Oh look! It's Russell!

Telopea Park

Stop in your tracks colour!

A natural bee hive in a tree in our street.

From our apartment - 27 April 2011

Spring is here!  It's starting to green up again.

Grabbing some autumn sun.


mupersan said...

Awesome pics Mands.

Anonymous said...

I love trees and their different colours during the seasons. Beautiful Pics!! Ursh