26 April 2010

Jazzie's 3rd Birthday Party

While we couldn't join Janke for champagne brekkie on her birthday, we were able to pop down to the Gold Coast for Jazzie's 3rd birthday party.  Happy birthday to 2 equally beautiful girls on 26 April 2010!!!

Kiddie munchies!

Jazzie in her pink party dress in the centre

Parents looking on while the kids feast on sugar!

Jazzie's older brother, Chris, has been practicing some magic tricks especially for the day.

Chris The Magician

Chris using Jazzie and a friend as Magician's Helpers


Mons with the beautiful icecream cake she made

Jazzie in her party frock & pink eye-shadow

3 candles for the birthday girl!

Look at that face....  Doug, I hope you've got that shotgun in the cupboard already!!!

Pink everything!

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