14 February 2010

Sunday Drive: Motorcycle Museum & Lake Manchester

So we're not big into the whole commercialism around Valentine's Day - haven't been since the day we met.  And just out of curiosity, when did the St get dropped?  I'm sure it used to be St Valentine's Day....?  *sigh* Oh well, just another day for the retailers & restaurants to cash in.  

In true Mupersan style, we gave tradition (& consumerism along with it!) the proverbial finger & headed out for a Sunday drive Haigslea way for a visit to the Australian Motorcycle Museum.  

From home to the Motorcycle Museum - about a 45 minute drive (38kms)

This giant Ducati replica at one point was actually a functioning vehicle.  I imagine that they used it at track and race days at the various raceways around the state.  


About 180 bikes parked inside a warehouse!  If you love bikes, it's awesome!  :-)  If you don't, free tea, coffee & biscuits while you wait for your OH to finish drooling!  (OH = other half)
 Triumph X75

 Some of the makes I'd never heard of before!  This is a Nimbus.



 A beemer

A beautiful Indian with sidecar

This was an interesting one....


 With this small sticker on the front visor: "Capable of evading high speed pursuit"


 And this beautiful 1960 Triumph

 Ducati's galore!

I think I may have got the bike bug to bite him!  *grin*
 A rather old Moto Guzzi

 Just for you Marc!  LOL!

 Even one for my brother!

 Some really beautifully restored machines.... 

On our way out we happened across this helicopter in a field in the middle of nowhere doing fun flips.  Scott lost a lot of drool today!!! 
Although we thoroughly enjoyed the Motorcycle Museum, we didn't expect to finish up so quickly so decided to extend our drive somewhat.  I've been spending a fair bit of time traveling north on my work trips of late.  I'd come across a little town called Esk just recently which had some great antique shops.  Scott was keen to have a browse around too so we headed up that way.

We took a slow drive and the 64km took us about an hour

Esk main street looking North 

The Staging Post Inn
We spent nearly 2 hours browsing around the many rooms upstairs & down just filled with all manner of antique furniture & collectibles.  We actually managed to find a great gift here for friends of ours in Sydney....  wait for the next post for details on that one. 
We started heading for home and came across a turnoff on Mount Crosby Road for Lake Manchester....  I really wish we could just take a couple of years off, hop in a camper van and take every turnoff that grabs our fancy!  One day....  But today we settled for just Lake Manchester.

73,6km from Esk to Lake Manchester - it should've taken us about an hour, but we took it really slow and enjoyed the scenery.

According to the signage at the Lake, it was constructed between 1912 & 1916 with a capacity of 26,000 megalitres.  It provided Brisbane with it's water up until 1988 when Lake Wivenhoe took over.  After years of disuse, it came back online in 2005 as an emergency water supply in times of drought.  It is currently supplying 40 megalitres to the Brisbane River daily where it's extracted at Mt Crosby.


Some of the old machinery was relocated to this platform at the parkland/recreation area for history's sake.



We had to cross the river on our way up to the dam.  This would be totally inaccessible after a bit of rain.
 Looking back up towards the rec area where we parked

Me making the crossing
 Lake Manchester

 The dam wall where those 40 megalitres flow over every day

It really is so beautiful out there...

... and really close to home.  21.8km - just half an hour away.

We'll definitely be back with a picnic and our walking shoes!


mupersan-1 said...

If I promise toe at all my vegetables, will you let me have a motorbike.. I wont misbehave, and I'll be really careful.. promise!!!

The Mupersans said...

I think toe-ing your veggies may constitute playing with your food... no motorbikes for boys who play with their food. Sorry!

HOWEVER, if you promise to eat all your veggies, I may seriously consider the possibility.... :-)

Carol said...

I refuse to admit that I can remember Chips!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah lovely .... i used to LOVE 'Chips' ..... so 80's !!!
Looks like another great trip ...
Gus xx