12 February 2010

Efes One Turkish Restaurant

After having to postpone last year's cruise holiday because of a painful arm op, Geoff & Pearl were heading off this year on the Pacific Dawn for a week.  

 I could think of worse holidays to take...  this is the Pacific Dawn

Part of their cruise package was a night in a hotel close to the wharf the night before departure.  Pearl did some homework and found a fabulous Turkish restaurant in Albion - a few minutes from their hotel.  Efes One has been around for 13 years & has the distinction of being the first Turkish owned restaurant in Brissie - as well as having a Turkish chef.  On weekends they  even have a belly dancer.  

Geoff was pulled up by the belly dancer & his only defense seemed to be to start taking pics of us!
 But he soon lost his inhibitions & got into the swing of things!  It was great fun to watch too.  ....notice how Scott's keeping his head down hoping & praying that he's not next!

 Shake those hips!

The food was absolutely delicious!  Pearl had already had a good look at the menu online and ordered the Efes Special banquet for the four of us.  Turkish bread, dips, various grilled veggies, dolma, pides and then the mains later were all manner of kebabs, more pides, rice, kofka.  Absolutely scrumptious!  What I loved about the restaurant is that they didn't try to rush you.  And ordering a banquet for all four of us was great in that you're sharing a meal as apposed to just ordering your own meal and tucking in.  While chatting, you're passing platters back & forth.  A very social way of eating out. 

We had a wonderful evening out - thanks Pearl for the great choice in restaurant!  And we hope you had a fabulous cruise (and celebrated your 60th in style!).


mupersan-1 said...

Luckily I managed to keep out of this one. Whew!!!

Uta Higgs said...

Reminds me of Anatoli's!

The Mupersans said...

THAT'S the name of the restaurant in CT I was trying to think of while we were there!!! Thanks Uta!

Anonymous said...

I think Scott was hoping that he WOULD be next. Nothing wrong with having a belly dancer to get the mind active. That excludes ALL with a beer belly.

Dad and Walrus