04 December 2009

Staff Xmas Party

In 2008, our company Xmas party was a fabulous affair!  An amazing cruise around Sydney Harbour aboard the Blue Room.   The 2009 equivalent in Brisbane was a little...  uh.....  less....  spectacular.



Juha and Scott - my two partners in crime in our department

Scott, Juha and his wife, Marie

Marie & I

The boss trying to pole dance...


Ow....  but I won't give up, I'm going to make a fool of myself no matter what!

Scott giving trying to show him how

 No shortage of helping hands to make Jim look like a tool!

The boat was really old and crappy and we were sharing it with 2 other parties.  Each party was given a section of the boat to use - we got outside upstairs.  There was only one small bar downstairs for all three parties, hence the collection of beer bottles on the table above - you had to stockpile 'cos it took so long to get a drink!  The food was mediocre - a buffet set up on a table downstairs - also to be shared between the three parties in no particular order.  As soon as supper was over, a DJ started playing downstairs.  You know me, first on the dance floor!  And some others followed shortly afterwards and the party started taking an upward turn.  After some whipskey shooters, things started looking a whole lot better!  The boss decided to make a total tool of himself on the dance floor which did kinda break the ice too.  

After the boat docked again, we all piled into a MaxiCab and headed to "The Valley".  Think old days in Cape Town with Rockin' Shamrock, Drunken Springbok, Arties Underground, The George Pub, Crows Nest, Austrian Madhouse and then all the clubs up the road.   The first place we hit was an 80's club - can't for the life of me remember the name!  One of the girls then dragged us off to The Beat which is a gay club with an awesome vibe, great music & very expensive drinks!  We eventually got home around 4am....  

So even the most boring parties CAN turn in to great nights!


Corina said...

I love looking through your eyes via your blogs. You let it all hang out and as a mother of 3 who grew up in Brissie, I can admit to a little nostalgia for the pre kid days! So funny you should mention The Beat. My stepdad owned the premises many years ago (before I was of an age to legally investigate the place). I had forgotten that funny little fact. He wears a nice knuckle duster of a diamond ring as a memento of those wild days such a long long long time ago.
Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Love the pole dancing !!! LOL
Gus xx