09 December 2009

Scott's Birthday '09

With Scott's birthday fast approaching, I went off shopping early because I knew exactly what he wanted.  and I wanted to torture him!  So by 25 November, Scott's pressies were all wrapped and ready for his birthday on 9 December.  The Xmas tree went up around the 25th too so it started feeling like Xmas early 'cos there were already pressies under the tree. 

Now Scott isn't really very good at being patient.  He's also unbelievably curious!  I have to tell you that he did know what he was getting for his birthday.  He'd wanted a guitar for absolutely ages.  But he didn't know what colour, shape or type it would be.  If he were a cat, curiosity woulda throttled him with his own tail by his birthday! 

Every couple of hours I'd have to field a bunch of questions about the colour, shape, size, what was in the other boxes, etc, etc.  My standard answer was either pink with purple spots or purple with pink spots. 

By Saturday, 28 November, he just couldn't take it any longer!  He dived for the pressies and started ripping green & gold glittery paper apart to get at his new toys.

Scott's pressies next to & under the very skew Xmas tree

Although he left this one for last, his first stop was the card.


Opening the first one...


Cool!  Books.....


Guitar Method books 1 & 2 for beginners & intermediate



Now for the main attraction!  What colour will it turn out to be?


Not-quite-yet-birthday-boy with all his new toys!  Guitar with bag, guitar stand, how-to books & an electronic tuner.



Tuning up for the first time.  Watch out Jack Johnson!

Scott's birthday fell on a Wednesday, so we planned to go out for dinner the following Saturday night to celebrate.  We headed through to the city earlier in the day for a bit of exploring first...



Messing about on the funky hand sculptures at 175 Eagle Street


Mandy & the Story Bridge from the Riverside Prominade


Scott & the Story Bridge from the Riverside Prominade


Looking down river at the city


Scott at a water feature along the way.  We came back this way & there was one of those giant inflatable crocodiles in the water & a whole bunch of drunk Englishmen egging each other on to go down the "waterfall" on the croc.....  Needless to say, while one of the idiots was leaning over to reach for the croc, the contents of his top shirt pocket tried to jump onboard.  Unfortunately his sunglasses & new iPhone bounced off the croc & landed in the water.  Tool!  After that, the idea of riding the croc down the water feature no longer seemed like such a great idea....  Ho hum....


An Xmas (Peace Love Joy) archway from Queen Street Mall heading towards King George Square


There was some sort of walk going on from King George Square - Walk Against Warming I think it was called.  Not very well supported - I think people are finally waking up to the fact that "global warming" is as big a hoax as the Y2K bug was.  Oh, now I remember, it was also in protest of the lack of results in Copenhagen which was happening at the time.  Like that was ever going to be anything other than a bunch of pollies doing what they do best, making long speeches without actually committing to anything or saying anything of great substance. So the excitement consisted of a few barefoot people drinking organic hand-squeezed all natural carbon neutral carrot juice with awful BO & dreadlocks. 


Scott next to the big solar powered Xmas tree


Birthday boy!


Mojitos at Groove Train on the Riverside. 

Then it was time for dinner....  at the award winning Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill...

Outside the restaurant...

Inside the restaurant.
Not sure if you can make out in this pic, but the fans in the centre of the room are all belt driven by one motor.  I must be my father's daughter 'cos that fascinated me.  :-)

Looking out towards the Story Bridge

When I'd booked, they asked if it was a special occasion & I told them it was Scott's birthday.  When we arrived, I noticed on the computer screen that it mentioned Scott's birthday.  But we were seated at the crapiest table in the whole restaurant right next to the kitchen.  Oh well, we didn't really mind.  Obviously a very popular restaurant with plenty of occasions and regular customers.  We didn't come top of the food chain.  Then the manager comes over and congratulates Scott on his birthday, apologises for the crappy table and asks us to please follow him.  We were seated at a window seat with a magnificent view of the river, city lights and the whole restaurant on the other side of us.  Sometimes good things do happen to good people.  :-)  Now to figure out how to get upgraded to those business class seats in October 2010.....

It was a celebration night!  So we decided to go big and then go home....!

We started off with a glass of 2003 Moet et Chandon Grand Vintage Epernay with our starters of oysters for me & hand made Burrata with prosciutto, tomato & basil.  The description of Burrata from the only company in Australia to make & supply to restaurants:  "Burrata was invented in Conversano at the beginning of the 20th century. A cow's milk cheese and mozzarella variety, Burrata has a thin spun casing and a soft and creamy center, which is made from fresh cream and unspun mozzarella curds. Burrata is an incurably creamy cheese with a delicate hint of sweetness in its flavor."

I didn't take any pics of the starters so had to find something similar on the 'net.  This is the Burrata itself - the one Scott had was far creamier than this one - absolutey TO DIE FOR!!!



For mains Scott went for a 500g T-bone from a 12-18 month old grass fed cow served with warm salad tomato, basil & parsley, ciabatta croutons, Gordal olives & virgin olive oil. 

Mine was a Wagyu Rump - yes, for the first time EVER, I didn't order a fillet at a steak restaurant!  My rump was from a 36 - 42 month old cow who was grain fed for more than 300 days.  Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle.  Mine was served with smoked tomato, confit garlic, watercress, goats cheese and hazelnuts.  And it was more tender than any fillet I have ever had! 

The menu tells you all about the meet that you're ordering - very interesting.  Just wish we could afford to do this more often so that we can compare the differences more closely.  :-)


And then there were the deserts.....  Both of us had the Char Chocolate Indulgence - chocolate marquise, salted chocolate caramels, sable and chocolate chilli sorbet.  YUMMY!!!!!  We decided that there was just no way to share such a divine combination!  Desert was enjoyed with Irish coffees.

After such a delicious meal,  we took a walk back through town to King George Square to catch our bus home. 


Town Hall, the blue lights on the newly refurbished King George Square and the Xmas tree.

The solar Xmas tree with Santa's letter box

What a FABULOUS night out! 
Now to start thinking about next year's birthday - the big Four-Oh! 


mupersan-1 said...

Wow, thanks again Mands, It was a wonderful day, and the food and company where spectacular.Loving my pressie.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics of Scott opening his pressies, guess guys never grow up!! lovely photos of your night out. Hope the year is all you want it to be. Lots of love.

bok said...

what a fab birfday!! you were spoilt rotten by your gorgeous wif :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic time .... must try the groove train next time i'm in town !
Gus xx