18 October 2009

Qld Multicultural Festival

On 18 October we popped onto our trusty Our Brisbane website to check out what was on and found out about the Qld Multicultural Festival being held at the beautiful Roma Street Parkland.  A completely free event put on by the Queensland Government.  We drove through to the office (B) and walked about a kilometer to the Festival.

Driving in from Moggill in the west to park at the office (B) and then walked to the Festival (C)

Scott at one of several memorials at the entrance to the park


Me again!

The kiddies are with stage shows, puppet shows, playgrounds and plenty of crafty type activities.

Remember tying a piece of string into a big loop and then, by looping it in & around your fingers, creating shapes?  There was a teacup, the Eiffel Tower...  Well the Aborigines have been doing that for centuries - only they have these long beautiful stories that go with each of the pictures your finger string creates.

First stop, an Indian food stall for potato & spinach kofka balls and a kachavri filled with chick pea flour & herbs.  Delicious!

Scott hanging out with Pan

Me trying out a caramel filled Spanish churro.  Delicious!

Oh boy!  A whole other section to the festival!

With some dancing...  not sure where they were from...  some sort of Gypsy-type people?

Denmark...  Islamic Society of Qld...

Good old Aussie BBQ...


Coconut daiquiri!  Yummy!!

Aftica....  It all looked so "exotic" there in the middle of that festival.  Perhaps if they introduced a little variety at Greenmarket Square, the African stalls would regain some appeal - there's definitely something to be said for variety!  :-)



Spanish...  French....

An Asian lady with her beautiful fruit carvings

Ah!  We found the lake with the fountain!

A beautiful setting for the wine bar

Then it was off to the Amphitheatre for some live entertainment!

Great Scott!

 A fabulous singer - Kate Vigo

Here's one of Kate's live performances on YouTube - enjoy!

Then came the Sevillanas Spanish Procession - what energy!  And the costumes were absolutely amazing!

Easy transition into the flamenco dancers....

And the crowds kept rolling on in...

Then it was time for some Soul Gypsy...

And the appearance of Mr Versace!  Doting pappa & hubby to the 2 above.  Absolutely EVERYTHING was Versace - I know because he was sitting next to me!  Bracelet, watch, shoes, socks, jeans, t-shirt, cap, sunglasses - and I'm pretty sure that the strong honk of aftershave could only have been Versace!  I have absolutely no doubt that his boxers were Versace too.

And there were a whole bunch of these giant puppet thingies walking around...

DJ Cat Kit - she was really great.  She played in between each of the performers. I felt so sorry for her at times because the next performers would come on and do their sound checks over her - I thought it was quite rude.  But I suppose as an artist, you gotta cut your teeth somewhere!


A stroll around the gardens at twilight to head over to watch a mate of ours playing

The gardens are really pretty

Muziz - that's Mike 4th from left and his wife on the far right.  They play Middle Eastern music - think Egypt....

...  and belly dancing!

And then it was back across to the Amphitheatre for Miguel!  Wow!!! They're a 50's Miami Swing Jazz band - absolutely brilliant! 

And what a fabulous way to end an awesome day out!

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