21 November 2009

Gold Coast Weekend

We got an invitation to spend the weekend with my brother, Doug, and his family down on the Gold Coast.  We packed the boards and our togs and headed down the coast.  We met Doug down at Rainbow Bay where Mons & the kids joined us a little later.

Scott paddling out

Doug & Scott talking about the surf

Doug & I were just about to head out for a surf when the kids arrived

Time for some beer and a barbie...

... after a hard day in the sun!  Yip, that lobster is me!  With Doug holding a pack of boerewors up behind me.


Peanut butter toast on Jazzie for brekkie - those googlie eyes were all for Uncle Gotts

Mmmmmm yummy peanut butter!

Doug watching calmly while Sofie takes a drink out of the fighting fish's bowl

Chris strumming some great riffs

Googlie eyes at Uncle Gotts again!

Chris 'n Jazzie - soon to be famous!

Sunday morning we packed the cars FULL of beach stuff and headed off to an absolutely exquisite beach with such a beautiful name...  Dreamtime Beach. 

Mons, Jazzie, Chris & Teepee on the forest walk to Dreamtime beach

Oh boy, did Doug moan about taking that esky down to the beach - that's him on the right.  But he was dead quiet after he came back from his surf and there was fresh food and cold water....  ;-)

Bloody esky..... mutter.....  why not the kitchen sink....  mumble.....

Groan.....  grumble....

Chris & Teepee

The forest walk

Ah......  Dreamtime Beach.  Absolutely STUNNING!!!!

Right, where to set up camp...?

Grrrr......  how much further?  Grumble.....  heavy...  bloody kitchen sink.....  happy to drink warm water.... 

Settling in

Love this photo of Mons!

That shade was SO welcome!  It was a scorcher of a day!

Chris surfin' the dune

Doug doin' it in style!

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Mamajoon said...

Aaaaah - seeing you altogether really makes me miss the together times! Love you all muchly...mwah!