03 October 2009

Scott gets a 4x4 & Dinner @ Geoff & Pearl's

After taking on some new staff last week and shuffling vehicles around a bit, Scott has ended up with a great Honda CR-V.  Complete with permanent 4x4, a tow bar and a sun roof.  So the first thing he did when he brought it home on Friday afternoon was to give it a once over to get rid of some of the dust.  Now we're planning our first camping trip where we'll be able to go off-road.  Yippeee!  MORE adventures!


Car washing is thirsty business!

Saturday was forecast to bring more dust.  So we closed all the windows and doors and retired to the pool.  It's a tough life!  The afternoon saw us heading down to the Gold Coast again for dinner at Geoff & Pearl's place.

  Geoff's cheesy grin for the camera!

Right!  Out of Pearl's domain!

 Geoff getting jiggy with Tina!  Actually, he was just saying goodbye before putting on Pearl's Sarah Brightman DVD.

Jazzy helping dad clean the leaves out of the pool

Is this child not just too gorgeous!!!!???

Mini Marilyn

And Chris is growing up so fast.  He was relegated to the couch with ice on his ankle after a slip 'n slide accident.

Dad, counter, dad's shorts, kitchen cloth, floor, pink dress and ALL OF JAZZY covered in chocolate ice cream.

Pearl dishing up her delisious dinner - roast lamb.  Yummy!

Finally!  Managed to get a shot of all of us together.  Geoff, Pearl, Doug, Monica, Scott & I.

We had a great evening - thanks a million Pearl for a wonderful dinner!  And Geoff for that absolutely amazing Laphroaig single malt.

We were up at sparrows again on Sunday morning to go for another cycle.  This time down at Kingscliffe.  Off we sped just after 6am to pick up Mac......  only to discover that I had a blown valve.  Damn!  No spare tube and definitely no shops open at that time of the morning.  So we went in and had coffee with Mac and Kerry.  It was great to catch up for a couple of hours.  And then it was time to head for home.  I'd had a serious moment at 4am when I sat bolt upright in bed muttering expletives.....  I'd forgotten to plug the kreepy back into the wier.  Besides the possible damage to the pool pump, the neighbours must've been cursing us for that really loud sucking noise going on for 6 hours straight!  Luckily there wasn't any damage to the pump and our neighbours hadn't left any nasty notes for us.

So a very chilled out weekend.  Unfortunately no cycling.  And next weekend is the 60km fun ride....  crikey!  I hope I make it!  Watch this space...


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