06 October 2009

Mandy's Work Trip to Cooroy

 Greetings!  Yes, I know it's been absolutely ages - I've already rapped myself over the knuckles. I thought I'd better get my A into G and do some catching up before we move into the new year.

On 6 October I had to take a trip up to Cooroy for work.  It was a round trip of about 330km and took all day.  All just to measure up 3 classrooms for Smartboards which took all of about half an hour.  But it was a great excuse to get out of the office for the day and take a drive up to the Sunshine Coast.

A map showing my route

 "Welcome to Cooroy - Heart of the Hinterland"

 Main street...

The local RSL (Returned & Services League) Club - there are about 1500 of these clubs around Australia!

I've noticed these murals outside of green grocers, news agents, general stores and the like in small towns I've been through.  I imagine they depict what the building was originally used for.  Beautifully done.

And I came upon an alley.....  

And just couldn't help myself!

The town, when established, thrived around it's dairy farms and sawmill and has become quite well known for it's beautiful woodwork.

Took this of myself having coffee - a bit of a freaky pic!  :-)

Some guy chilling with his morning paper on Main street

What a fabulous name for a pet accessory store.

So that was Cooroy.  Now to head about 40km South for the coast!  Maroochydore was the first spot I came across.

Very similar to the Gold Coast - plenty of high rise holiday apartments right on the beachfront with shops, cafes and restaurants at street level.

I drove into Maroochydore and drove north along the coastline for about 5kms - as you can see, more of the same apartments all the way along.  On the sea side, there were quite a few caravan parks and holiday parks. 

Holiday parks.....  They're absolutely EVERYWHERE!  I suppose if you have kids, they're probably great.  Not really our cup of tea though.  They usually consist of caravan sites, chalets, playgrounds, swimming pool/s, a rec room with a pool table, table tennis, some of them also have tennis courts.  Click HERE to see the photo gallery of the "Maroochy Palms Holiday Village" for an idea of what they're all about.  Maybe it's because we both grew up going to the family beach house for holidays....  :-)

Heading back down South towards Caloundra

And a place to stop for lunch - Shelly Beach

Me at Shelly Beach in my very glamorous work get-up

Shelly Beach

Time to hit the Bruce Highway and head for home

Oh, but wait!  Aren't those the Glasshouse Mountains?

DETOUR!  Wild Horse Mountain Lookout from which to find out if those are indeed the Glasshouse Mountains.  (Wild Horse Mountain named for the wild Brumbies which used to roam free in this region)

The lookout in the distance

Clearly kids living on the forestry plantations have nothing to do but wait for trees to grow!  And tag the local signage of course.

Yip, those look like the pics I've seen of the Glasshouse Mountains...

They weren't joking about the steep climb!

This was taken about halfway up.  Pine plantations all the way to the ocean! 

Nearly there...

*huff* *puff* *splutter*

Wow! Definitely well worth the climb

Looking East toward Bribie Island and the ocean

Looking North towards Caloundra

Facing West-North-West

South-South-East towards Brisbane - that's the Bruce Highway (A1)

And back down we go....

My work car all alone in the parking lot.  You feel so isolated surrounded by all those towering pines - especially after being at the lookout where you can see forever.

And back in the greater Brisbane area, a Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket in a suburb called Aspley.

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