25 October 2009

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

We woke up one morning and decided to head for Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - the first in Australia.  It's only about half an hour from home - a real gem just outside of the city.

Home to Lone Pine in Fig Tree Pocket - 15km

At the entrance to Lone Pine

Me just inside the gate

Scott on the bridge

Plenty to see

A couple of very cute 'n cuddly wombats

Awwww....  Scott and his koala

And me with mine.  They are SO gorgeous!!!

Hot dog for lunch


Wooooof! Woooof!  Yip, it's a Barking Owl.

A beautiful peacock just wandering around

A cassowary

Home to two Wedge-tailed Eagles

From our viewing spot for the bird of prey show

White-bellied Sea Eagle

The most beautiful owl - a Barn Owl - such a gentle looking face.  And it flies so silently.

The Wedge-tailed Eagle

Scott & the Sea Eagle

Mandy & the Wedge-tailed Eagle

 Scott 'n the roos

Feeding a wallaby



Hey duuuude....  

11,691km to Johannesburg...

You can actually take a boat from the city up the river to Lone Pine.

What a beautiful spot!  And the koalas were SO gorgeous!


Mamajoon said...

Didn't want to nag, but was wondering when you'd get around to updating. It was worth the wait. Favourite pic? the one taken of you at the end of the charity race! Heh! Heh! the expression says it all.
Tumbulgum isn't to be photographed, it's to be experienced. A dorp with a difference.
Right, now it's my turn to make the trifle. My contribution for New Year's eve. Hope it looks as good as yours.
Luvya lots

Steven said...

I love the pictures of the birds. The eagle is just so beautiful and stunning. I never had a chance to go near a kangaroo before and I really like to see one up close. With all the heat wave in the country that I have been hearing from friends, I am kinda wondering on how koala's are dealing with it in the wild. Friends in the country says that at times it gets so hot that they don't leave home cause it's a huge headache to deal
with the heat.