31 July 2009

Slow Cooking & Lunching With New Friends

Okay, so I've been copping alot of flack for not updating the blog.... Sorry about that - working full time again has kinda cramped my style! LOL! I've gone back through my photos and added some of the highlights from the past couple of months. Enjoy!

Before I started working again, I went on a mission with my slow cooker. It's a magical invention and perfect for hot dinners on cold winter nights. It all started when I wanted to make an oxtail stew the way my mom makes it. I tried it in a normal pot the first time and it wasn't bad, but it didn't taste like my mom's. So the next step was to go out and buy a slow cooker.... I've made some delicious meals so far. My favourite has to be the ham hock & lentil soup. It must be the heartiest soup I've ever tasted!

Shopping at the local butcher. Notice the biltong & droewors in the front row!

There are Saffer shops dotted around Brisbane (and the other major cities), but quite a few butchers will stock some Saffer things. This particular one in Kenmore stocks everything from Aramat, Cross & Blackwell Mayo, Ouma Rusks, All Gold Tomato Sauce to Stoney ginger beer & Iron Brew. The only things we still buy are Aramat and mayo. Other than that, we've discovered the local brands and are more than happy. There are, however, quite a few ex-Saffers who will spend a small fortune every month buying imported goods from SA instead of trying out the different brands here. I must say, I stocked up well on toiletries but then couldn't wait for them to finish so I could try out all the "new" stuff.

The butchers here really are quite something! They're really imaginative with their selection of cuts, marinades and garnishes. And this is all just the daily freshly prepared stuff - there's heaps of plain vacuum sealed or frozen meats in the fridges behind where I was standing when I took this shot. And then there are the chicken butchers too.... :-) I'll try and remember to take some pics when next I go shopping.

A lamb shank stew about to be cooked

Scott with the ham hock bone while I was busy preparing a pot of soup. Grrrrrrr!

Though this blog, you've already met my friend Kerry-Lee. Well through Kerry on Facebook, I also met a school friend of her's who had just moved to Sydney. I got chatting to Gus on Facebook. And got completely homesick looking at Sydney though the lens of his camera! Gus moved over with his partner, Ian, from London. Ian was hired by Woolworths for some serious top secret mission! So when Ian had to come to Brissie for business, Gus hopped on the plane so he could explore the coffee shops & catch up with Kerry. We were lucky enough to hook up with them for lunch at a great Chinese restaurant called Wang Dynasty right next to the river at South Bank. We had a wonderful afternoon with a great bunch of people!!!

Kerry & Gus

The "adults" - Ian, Gus, me, Scott & Kerry in front

And with Kerry's kids, Megs & Shawn

After lunch we all went our separate ways. We headed for the Plough Inn for a beer

And live music

Kerry ploughed into us for a few more beers & some scrumptious ribs! And a laugh or three! :-)

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