06 June 2009

Wintersun Nostalgia Festival

We first heard about Wintersun from Doug, my brother. He's done the artwork for all their printed media - programs, posters, t-shirts, etc. for the past 2 or 3 years. It takes place over a 2 week period and is held in and around the NSW/Qld border towns of Tweed Heads, Coolangatta and Kirra. It is Australia's No1 Rock 'n Roll Nostalgia Retro Event - consisting of all things rock 'n roll, Elvis & 50's retro. There are live bands, dances, swing & rock 'n roll dance classes and exhibitions, everything retro markets. It all comes together on the last weekend though - which is usually the Queen's Birthday long weekend - the thing that brings the punters...... THE CARS!!! Aside from the cars being displayed in 3 ENORMOUS zones, they hit the road in an organised cruise. Unfortunately we missed the cruise on Saturday. We spent the day oggling the cars and the people on Sunday instead.

If you don't like bright, shiny classic and custom cars, you will probably scroll through this blog thoroughly bored. It's okay, there IS something wrong with you and we'll just snigger behind our hands at your unfortunately situation. Tsk tsk!

I took a total of 217 photographs on the day. I've managed to wittle it down to 93 for the blog and that was no mean feat I tell you! I really only took pics of the outstanding cars. And we only managed to get through 2 of the 3 zones! I have no idea how many cars were actually on display - there were so many varying numbers being bandied about that I just couldn't figure out what the true number was. Let's just say A LOT and leave it at that. Sensory overload!

Doug had spent the day at Wintersun with his family on the Saturday but came down and joined us for a good look at the cars. Trying to keep an eye on & chasing after an extremely adventurous 2 year old must've been a helluva distraction for a boy wanting to drool over all that shiny metal! LOL!

On our way down to the Gold Coast in the morning we were engulfed by an enormous thunder storm. By the time we got to Coolangatta, the rain had stopped and the skies had started to clear.

There were alot of Buicks in varying colours

The first of MANY hotrods

"Black Sheep"

DROOL!!!! Shelby Cobra Mustang

Scott really loves the hot rods - maybe has something to do with his love of ZZ Top?

I still dream of owning a Mustang....

Chrysler Imperial

A very orange Buick

There must be a VERY short person who drives this hotrod - anyone taller than 4'2" will have their knees knocking their ears!

This was hand painted

The couple in the photo bought "Herbie" new in 1967.

I just wish he'd put the siren on - I could almost hear it while looking at the car!

And to our surprise, out steps the Sheriff himself - in authentic dress too! He wasn't impressed with this girlie & her sister so.....

Decided to make an arrest....

Scott was completely colour coded to this Dodge truck

Studebaker Bullet-nose

Chevy with a roadhouse tray with hamburger, mustard & ketchup

I think this is a Studebaker Avanti but I could be wrong...

Think that's an Indian on the back of the truck

*sigh* Another Mustang

A night at the drive-in/roadhouse

Ooh! And now we get to the "Rat Cars". I loved these!!! Here we have "Corupt"

"Weirdo" - painted to look like it's made from beaten copper. This was one of my favourites.

Looking into "Weirdo" - love those door handles!

Give new meaning to body art...

A Willys Coupe

Grrrrr...... MzKity

Just a crowd shot...

Not sure what this is but liked the shape of the boot.

This guy's eyes were completely freaky so I asked if I could get a pic - he insisted I be in the pic too.

The boys inspecting an EXTREMELY beautiful Buick Eight "Woody"

Only 1400-odd of them were built in 1952 & this one still has it's original woodwork.

"Woody" towing a beautiful wooden speedboat & sporting a wooden longboard

Drooooo! Another Shelby

Vrooooom!!! Vrooooom!!!!

Cecil turned 80 this year!

Get in, sit down, shut up & hang on...

There were quite a few people dressed up - more as it got later. I suspect there were some late risers after all the festivities on Saturday night.

We saw a few Elvis's. They have a huge Elvis competition & people come from all over Australia & the rest of the world to compete.

I could SO see Doug driving this ute with his boards on the back!

The boys making their inspection...

Another fabulous custom job! Unfortunately it was a real attraction and I couldn't get a very good shot. This was the trailer - it was a replica of the car, just with bonnet & boot joined together. It's the ultimate party car... Fold out bar, bar stools in the back, on the bonnet side of the trailer there's a built in esky (coolbox). The inside of the car is also kitted out with fold down drinks trays, a kick-ass sound system and even has an airconditioner fitted. All colour coded in black and yellow.

Custom kiddie's cars


Doug in between the hearse & it's trailer

The hearse

Yip, there was actually a baby in there! This was one of a few I noticed.

Crowd shot with Doug in the middle foreground

Big Pink

Another one with wonderful styling on the boot


All these Mustangs......

Mandy heaven!!!

Grrrrrr........ Droool....... Pant.......!

Kramalot "Inn"

A genuine mobile DJ! What an amazing setup inside. DJ for hire - only really good for street parties though.

Scott drooling!

This beautiful Astin Martin even had lots of switches and knobs which I'm sure Scott was just itching to try out!

Customised DBR 03

Goggomobil Darts

Hope you enjoyed our trip around Wintersun with us!


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OMG OMG OMG!!! When's the next one? I'm coming to visit!!!

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Did you manage to get any pictures of "cars".

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