27 June 2009

Queensland Museum

Our next outing was to the Queensland Museum at the Cultural Centre. This Cultural Centre incorporates the Gallery of Modern Art, Art Gallery of Queensland, Queensland Museum, QPAC (Qld Performing Arts Centre where we saw Chicago) and the State Library. All situated on South Bank where there are markets, buskers, festivals, cafes, restaurants, a man-made beach, parklands, picnic areas and walkways all along the river.

A aeroplane hanging in the Whale Mall on the way to the Museum

Now you know why it's called Whale Mall....

Ready to go in

A Volunteer Fire Brigade quadricycle built in 1912 for the New Farm brigade

Scott hanging out at some of the exhibits

2 Indian Scouts which, before 1030, were all painted red. Indian only brought out 2 models between 1901 & 1953 - the 'Scout' and the 'Big Chief'. American made, it's main rival was the Harley which had an equally devoted fan base. I loved this quote... "You can't wear out the Indian Scout Or its brother the Indian Chief. They're built like rocks To take hard knocks. It's the Harleys that cause the grief."

The Acrohc Australis holds the record for the smallest boat (11 feet, 10 inches!) to sail around the world. In June 1984 Serge Testa sailed it from Brisbane via the Qld coast to Darwin, Maritius, Cape Town, St Helena, Natal, Tobago, The Panama Canal, the Galapagos, the Marquesas & the Cook Islands, Tonga and Lord Howe Island, 80,000km later he returned to Brisbane in May 1987.

Crash! This is what Scott does to planes in his computer games! Unfortunately the real life ones don't have 'restart' buttons. LOL!

Who's the animal?

I thought this was a funky shot - taken in the mirror

Oh good - I'm bigger than most of them!

But some of them have much bigger teeth

Love this one - looks like the polar bear has wings!

This Beech Duke broke the round-the-world speed record for piston-engined aeroplanes in 1975 - it took just 122 hours, 19 minutes and 57 seconds.

Scott really fancied this Beech Duke

One of the water features around the Cultural Centre

Another water feature with pelican sculptures

Scott on the other side ready to dive in!

Lovely shot of Scott between the fountain & another sculpture.

And a late lunch at Kapsali's - a wonderful Greek restaurant overlooking part of the Streets Beach. Then it was off home to wish Cavell (aka Hermit) happy birthday on Skype!

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