14 June 2009

Lake Wivenhoe

I was looking around on Google Maps for places to go on a Sunday drive and came across Lake Wivenhoe. It's the origin of the Brisbane River, is one of SE Queenland's main water sources and is just 50km away from Moggill. We took a small picnic lunch and hit the road.... Only to discover that the first road we had to take, Mount Crosby Road, was closed. Scott insisted we take a "short cut" along the side of the road next to a big pipeline. There was no road. Just churned up grass where a couple of 4x4s had tried their luck. I was driving our Astra - not even a 4x4 wannabe! Because there was a bend up ahead, we couldn't even see if the 4x4s had been successful or not. When I refused to take this "short cut", Scott accused me of having lost my "spirit of adventure"..... It coulda gotten ugly but I bit my tongue instead! Ouch! LOL!

We stopped along the way at a bustling little village called Fernvale. Heaps of cars, bikes, trucks & bicycles parked outside this one little shop - Old Fernvale Pie Shop, The Best Pies In Australia. Even though we had our picnic, we couldn't resist & figured that all these people couldn't be wrong. They weren't!!! Fabulous pies - in over 100 varieties & flavours. Absolutely delicious & it won't be the last time we stop there either! Next time we'll take some pics - I totally got lost in pie heaven & completely forgot about the camera.

A is home - B is Lake Wivenhoe

Scott at Logan's Inlet - a picnic area which also has a slipway. Only non fuel driven boats are allowed on the water which is great as you don't have speed boats racing all over the place disturbing the tranquility. All the tinnies we saw on the water had little electric motors.

There's a camp site in the distance there - we're planning a few days away there in for next month

The picnic area at Logan's Inlet

Getting my feet muddy for the pic

A couple with their canoes at the water's edge

It was a beautiful day and we practically had the place to ourselves. There is another picnic area on the other side of the dam wall which was alot busier than this one.

Enjoying the view

A successful Sunday drive discovering somewhere new... Nope, clearly I don't have any "spirit of adventure"..... ;)


grant said...

Wow, what a great place. Am so amazed at how clean these places are. Let the saga continue

Steven said...

The first time I had my Australian visa, it made me stay on the country for 6 months. My purpose of visit is for business and I didn't really had any chance to visit all the cool places like this Lake. I just love it on how Australia and the people in the country maintains the beauty of their outbacks and the adventures of the natural resources available in the island. Looking at the pictures of this lake, it seems like a great place to have a family picnic or just chill with friends and have a barbecue. Hopefully, the next chance that I get to visit the country I get the time to wonder around.