28 June 2009

Brisbane Cycle

When we packed up in Cape Town, Scott spent ages cleaning our bikes with engine cleaner & a toothbrush! We packed in the bike rack that fits onto the towbar so we could take our bikes all over the place & ride. Well, unfortunately the bike rack doesn't fit our towbar. We've been meaning to get one but they're pretty pricey at nothing less than $150. Until the End Of Financial Year Sales!!!!! Scott picked one up on Friday at a bike shop down the road for just $100 which wasn't bad.

So Sunday seemed like the perfect time to try it out! We drove through to South Bank again to try out one of the many cycle ways around the river. The only thing we need now on our bikes are bells. Yes, bells! We ended up having to shout "Tring! Tring!" to alert walkers to our approach. LOL! Scott wants to get one of those air horns so he can watch people jump out of his way - such a boy!

Just a head's up here - this isn't a massive blog with loads of photos. Taking photos while riding & navigating through pedestrian traffic isn't the easiest so we left the camera in the backpack for most of the day.

Me on my bike - this is right at the end of the path we were on so it was totally deserted. This is one of the few marinas we've seen along the river and the apartments and houses along here extremely swanky! I think it was around here where there was a guy singing opera from one of the apartments - not my kinda thing, but he had a beautiful voice!

On a little grassy area next to the path we found a whole bunch of vintage cars on display. It looked like they had had a bit of run and were all having picnics behind their cars while passersby asked questions & oggled the machines. Some of the cars seemed to be a work in progress & they arrived on the back of flatbeds. There was also a table set up with a whole lot of trophies. We reckon it was a vintage car club having their annual awards run or something like that. Some of these cars we'd never heard of before!

A Riley

A work in progress - Tercat-Mery. Yes, that's me in my bike helmet - couldn't take it off because of the horendous helmet hair!

Scott with a Minerva. Some of the cars had beautiful radiator caps. This one of Minerva, the virgin Roman Goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts and the inventor of music - a large portfolio even for a goddess!

Scott clearly doesn't have the same problem with helmet hair!

This Alvis was absolutely stunning! Looked like something you drive to the country for a picnic (packed in a wicker basket of course) wearing a straw boater.

Not sure what this one was - also a work in progress. It had a Scottish thistle as it's radiator cap.

Another Alvis with what looks like the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland as the radiator cap.

Scott inspecting a Talbot

The Talbot radiator cap - a rearing full maned lion

What an awesome looking 12 cyclinder engine! Brass & copper everywhere!

I had to get Scott to stand next to this little Austin so you can see just how small it actually is - very cute!

I think this is another Alvis - totally made of alluminium

Lunch time!!! We built up quite an appetite after the 14km or so ride and stopped at Mado - a Turkish restuarant.

Peak-a-boo! The beers were ice cold and the food was excellent - Anatolian chicken & the most delicious falafel I've ever tasted!

Back to the parking lot - Scott putting the bikes back onto the new rack.

Another fabulous day out!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great day out !! Those cars looked beautiful. And FYI - there's nothing wrong with a bit of helmet hair , it happens to everybody .... (lol).
Can't wait to get our bikes , plenty to see and cycling is fun ( as long as there are no hills !!)

Anonymous said...

PS; It's gus btw. xx