30 May 2009

Queensland Art Gallery

Scott & I kept saying we'd go and visit the NSW Art Gallery & never got around to it. So we decided to go down to South Bank to the Queensland Art Gallery instead of just talking about it.

And weren't we in luck to find a travelling exhibition from the Met in New York: Amercican Impressionism & Realism.

The brochure & our tickets

The first hall...

A Toulouse-Lautrec

A Degas statue and one of his paintings in the background

A Renoir

A Picasso

Scott outside the gallery on the Southern bank of the Brisbane River

Just me in the same spot

Off to take a walk down on the river front


This guy was just running up this wall and doing these awesome back flips. So I thought I'd try and capture it...

We ended up at South Bank for lunch and a walk through the markets. This is the view from our table at lunch - the sculpture overhead looks great at night with the lights on. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph well at night.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can paint like Picasso. Don't know how he ever became a famous painter
Scott, surprised you did not try the wall flip. You know your motto. If there is a bone that can be broken or a muscle to be torn, then do it.

Love Dad and Waffle