18 May 2009

Kite Festival & Brisbane Powerhouse Arts

There's a great website called OurBrisbane with a huge What's On section. We found and headed out to Redcliffe for the annual Redcliffe Kite Fest.

Very eye-catching banners

Some of the kites - a killer whale, a shark....

Goldie - really amazing!

Some more kites

And more...

Beautiful bright colours

Not sure exactly what plane this is but the show he put on was excellent - loop-de-loops and all!

Kites, kites & more kites...

And some more!

The Coastal Patrol boat went up and down the coastline with this massive kite

And even added a diver

The wind eventually died down so we headed for home. We decided to take a quick detour at Indooroopilly shopping centre to watch the new Wolverine: X-Men Origins movie. BRILLIANT!!!

Sunday saw us heading off to New Farm to the Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Centre. We walked around the massive New Farm Park for a while and then headed for the Powerhouse for some lunch. They have free entertainment on over weekends which is great. The first one we went to see is called LiveSpark - up and coming Brisbane indie rock/pop bands. Okay, so the first band nearly blew us out of the venue, but the 2nd band was good. Just a pity that they don't advertise who the bands actually are.

The second show we went to was LiveWired - stand up comedy - both local & national. We were lucky enough to see Dave Thornton.

What a fabulous evening's entertainment!

The New Farm Park / Brisbane Powerhouse Precinct

Scott in front of the Brisbane Powerhouse

A "Notice" in the gardens of the Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse - side view

Scott in the park at New Farm

People picnicking in the park

Looking at the art exhibition at the Powerhouse - The Legacy of Koorah Coolingah - paintings by child artists from Carrolup

After the bands had finished playing, Scott managed to get us a table right near the front for the comedy line-up. Me having a beer!

Scott & his beer!

The stage with the Live Spark banner.


mupersan-1 said...

I love your blogs, its always like re-living the experience.

Erica said...

I love kites. Those are so nice. Hope to witness something like that someday.

Rastas000 said...

While your post was ages ago, I too was at the kite festival. Was it only me who noticed the irony of a stingray kite and diver kite on the same bit of string (particularly so close to Australia Zoo??)