05 May 2009

Gold Coast Weekend

Geoff and Pearl went up the Sunshine Coast for the Labour Day weekend so Scott & I headed down to the Gold Coast to Snowy-sit for the weekend. Snowy is their beautiful snow white Persian - completely spoilt but absolutely impossible to resist spoiling him! In between pandering to Snowy's whims, we got around.....

Saturday morning we went off to Kingscliff to watch my nephew, Chris, play a hockey match.

Chris patiently waiting for the ball to come his way...

Doug on the sidelines - what a dad! He was helping the coach with the subs. I was very surprised to see that at this age (around 9 years), both coaches are allowed on the field during the game to coach the kids.

Mons, Constance, Jake and I on the sidelines

Chris sees some action on the field

Jazzie wanted to know where "Gotts" was.... she seems to have difficulty with the name Scott. LOL! So I took her and Teepee for a walk over to Gotts.

Jazzie in her pretty dress looking lovingly at Gotts behind the camera!

More action on-field

Hockey Dad

Jazzie distracting us from the hockey

After the game Doug had to rush off further down the coast for his hockey game. Mons, Constance & Chris went back to their place and Scott & I decided to have a look around Kingscliff. There was an art festival on in the village which was great - except for the fact that there was a band playing really bad DEATH METAL right slap bang in the middle of it all - it honestly sounded like they were making it up as they went along! Needless to say, we didn't hang around for very long - didn't even take any pics. We were expecting a chilled out vibe and just couldn't get out of there quick enough. Such a pity because it's a pretty village right on the sea and some of the art was amazing. *sigh* I suppose the organisers didn't want to cop the abuse from the band & their family (who were the only people around) because they probably would've cried discrimination - they were all indigenous. So the art festival suffered instead - what a pity.

So we decided to find somewhere other than Kingscliff to grab a bite to eat. We took a wrong turn and ended up at Fingal Head. What a beautiful spot!!! Now if won the Lotto and decided not to go back to Mona Vale, this is the spot I'd like to buy a house! It's absolutely beautiful! With the Tweed River on one side and the ocean on the other, it's just surrounded by water.

A marks the spot!

Fingal with Cook Island on the right

An aerial shot of Fingal

The Sheoak Shack Gallery Cafe - the perfect spot for a bite to eat....

A shandy at the Sheoak - I was driving!

Looking across the road at the Tweed River

Enough already! Now give me that camera!

That's better - look at that handsome feller!

Saturday evening we spent over at friends who live just around the corner from Geoff & Pearl in Robina. Kerry's killer curry was awesome and I suspect we may have consumed a little too much vino.... it was a fantastic evening!

Sunday morning we were up WAY too early (after all that vino!) and were collected by a taxi at 7:15am to go to the Robina train station. Just over an hour later we arrived at Roma Street station in Brisbane. Yip, we live in Brisbane, were housesitting on the Gold Coast and took a train trip to Brisbane! Don't ever say we don't go out of our way for an experience! The experience being the Caxton Street Seafood & Wine Festival.

The festival promo video

Think Obs Fest without the craft stalls. A stage at either end of the street. Food & booze tents every few metres. Restaurants & bars lining the street. And 15,000 people on a perfect autumn day! The seafood was unimpressive and expensive and you really had to search for some wine - it was really just all cheap wine sold by the glass (not wine farms exhibiting their wines as we'd expected). Really, it's just a massive street party!

We managed to grab the last free table in the street and hung onto it. It turned out to be a great way to meet people! Emma and Moss spent most of the day with us - together with their mate Tom who was taking this photo.

Caxton Street Festival - this was still pretty early. A couple of hours later when we left, it took us about 15 minutes just to get through the crowds to the top of the street!


mupersan-1 said...

just when I thought that the adventuring was a little tame.. Mando steps in an organizes another fun filled weekend.. Cheers Babe.

Anonymous said...

Wish we'd have done some adventurin' when you were in Sydney!