23 April 2009

Jason Mraz Live!

Tuesday, 14 April FINALLY dawned!!! The day we were to go and see Jason Mraz live at the Convention Centre with support acts Eric Hutchinson and Lisa Mitchell.

Scott went off to work with a bag packed with his "civvies" and I got all my chores done before heading off with my backpack.... I took my first bus trip from Moggill to the city where I wondered around for a while before meeting up with Scott at his office. After that we took his car to the Convention Centre, parked, checked out where the venue was & then went off to have supper before the show...

King George Square Bus Station....

When the bus entered the city, it took a side road which ended up being a bus only street. They're all over the city - at the backs of buildings & you can't see them from the normal roads. And there's also a whole network of underground roads for busses only. King George Square Station is one of the stops. Apparently it's all new. It's HUGE and very empty at around 2pm. I suppose it gets really busy during rush hour though. There is also a separate bus road running parallel to the Pacific Highway down to the Gold Coast - I don't know if this runs north as well cos we haven't been up that way yet.

City Hall - didn't go in - just walked past this time

The outside of the King George Square Station

The old & the new... There's plenty of this in Brisbane

Brisbane Square facing the Treasury building

These massive ball sculptures of varying sizes are all over the square. This city has hundreds of sculptures throughout the city - figures incorporated into everyday life. I saw kangaroos sprawled out on a sidewalk bench, a man sitting on the ledge of a mezzanine floor, a funky half man/half animal with a backpack standing at a traffic light. I plan on doing a day trip with my camera to find as many as I can.

A bus tunnel exit at Brisbane Square

Brisbane Square building. You can see how the balls are dotted all over the square

Bank of NSW building

A very exclusive shopping gallery I walked into off Queens street. That man standing in the doorway on the right was so miserable. He obviously didn't like the look of me in my denim shorts, t-shirt & trainers! LOL! As I said, VERY exclusive.

A sculpture inside the gallery

After we'd parked our car, we headed off to Decks Seafood & Steak Restaurant. We both had the catch of the day which was grilled yellowtail.... YUMMY!!!! What a wonderful find this restaurant was! At last - a restaurant that doesn't serve enormous portions! And the food was absolutley scrumptious!

Now I don't have any more photos of the night..... :( We had to check my backpack as only normal handbags were allowed into the venue. So we couldn't take the camera in..... So the only thing I can do is give you a taste with videos from other shows....

This is Eric Hutchinson's music video for Rock & Roll - a really catchy song they've been playing on the radio here. He was fabulous live & really got the crowd going - not too shabby for a "support" act.

And then came Jason Mraz......

Live High
What a voice!

The Dynamo of Volition
What a performer! This video shows a much smaller venue than we were at, so imagine the whole "high five" thing happening on a HUGE scale. Every single person, on their feet, doing the high five boogie! It was absolutely incredible!!!

I'm Yours
The version we saw was a little more up-beat but with the same island style. And the whole crowd singing along. Real goose bump stuff!

This was an amazing night of live music which came second only to Billy Joel!

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Hi Guys

Great to see that the adventure continues. Love the new home...velly velly crassy. Keep well and love to all