23 April 2009

Easter '09

On Easter Saturday we had friends and family over for a barbie. We met John & Mel through the online forum for Saffers moving to Oz, SAAustralia.org. And Doug & Mons brought the kids over. We were having too much fun at the barbie to take any pics but the camera came out on Easter Sunday morning for the Great Easter Egg Hunt. Doug & Mons stayed over and Scott & I played Easter Bunny at 5am on Sunday morning!

Everywhere Jazzie went, she dropped chocolate! Mons here picking up bits - I'm still finding bits of chocolate in the oddest places!

Chris with another haul!

Can YOU spot the hidden egg?

Far too many eggs for just two kids! But that's what aunts are for! Parents get to pay the dentist bills! LOL!

Jazzie taking the next one while still clutching the remnants of the previous one... So she'd forget about the old one and crush it in her little fist - hence the choco pieces all over the place. :)


Choco face!

I think he was showing me the chocolate in his mouth!

Chris thought that if he had a video camera in his hand, I wouldn't get him with my camera!

Jazzie found my goggles...

My snorkel tastes like chocolate! LOL!

We had a great time! I made us a slap up breakfast with bacon, mushroom, tomato & Scott made yummy scrambled eggs. The rain started as Doug was backing out of the driveway.... and didn't stop until halfway through the next week! So needless to say the rest of the Easter weekend was spent vegging at home.

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