12 February 2009

Farewell Sydney

A very happy birthday to my Dad!!!

And a Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad (that's a hint, Dad!)

And my cousin, Naomi gave birth to Bjorn today as well - so congrats!

Wow! Quite a special day all 'round!

We haven't been up to much lately. Scott's been flat out at work, putting in 12 hour days to get all his projects finished before we move to Brissie. I've just been biding my time until I finish up at Monash tomorrow - yippee!!!

After finding out about the move to Brissie, we had a few hiccups along the way. The company had asked me to give them 3 quotes for movers.... I naturally assumed that they were going to pay for the move - why else would they have asked??? So I submitted the quotes in my usual efficient way only for them to turn around and tell Scott that they had no intention of paying for the move. So if they weren't going to pay for it, we just couldn't afford to move - not when it was going to cost us $5500 just for the movers & storage!

So for a couple of weeks there we weren't even sure that the move was even going to happen! Then they said they'd get him to sign a work contract for 36 months in lieu of payment (if he leaves within that time, he pays the full amount back).

But it is what it is. And we're here in Australia which is what really counts. And we absolutely love it here. And we're moving to Brisbane so we'll be close to family and friends again. Yippee!!!!

It's my last day at work tomorrow and this weekend we'll be preparing the flat for the movers who are coming on Monday morning. We're using a company called King & Wilson - a reputable company. I wasn't prepared to take a chance with a smaller company for an interstate move!

After packing up all our stuff on Monday, they'll come back on Tuesday morning to load the truck and take our stuff to their storage facility until we find a place to move into up in Brissie. Then they send their cleaners around to the apartment cos all our cleaning materials will be packed up and gone. The cleaners will take the keys back to the estate agent when they're finished. And that's when we leave for our next adventure! We'll drive a few hours up the on the Tuesday afternoon and just stop at a motel along the way to crash for the night. On Wednesday we head for Coff's Harbour where we've booked a cottage at a stunning spot called Friday Creek. We've booked cottage 5. Scott desperately needs a few days break so we'll stay there for 2 nights of pure relaxation.

The view from the lake up towards the cottages

Cottage 5's loungeroom

The view from Cottage 5's deck

We'll take a slow drive up to Robina on Friday - probably via Ballina and Byron Bay. And Saturday morning we'll hit the ground running going looking at prospective areas to live.

And a great get together at Geoff & Pearls with my brother and his family. Woooohooo!!!!!! We can't wait!

And then on Monday I take Scott through to Brisbane for his first day in his new office!

I'll have the laptop with me but probably won't update the blog again until we've moved into our new place. But I promise to take heaps of photos and will post a monster when we're settled.

Until then.....



Janke Nussey said...

Sheesh I am rreally glad for your sake that they are paying for the move! You're right - why else would they have asked for quotes? Good luck with the new adventure and enjoy the well earned rest - next time try for a bit longer than just too days!.

Carol Markusse said...

Good luck you 2. I hope the move goes smoothly. Enjoy your trip out there, it sounds really exciting. My guess is the company didn't bargain on the price tag and then someone saw it as an opportunity to pin Scott down. As you say though, at least you're there and you get to be closer to family. 3 yrs go by in a flash. Lots of love xxx

Caroline said...

Ahh Brissie - I am envious.

Hope the move is not too stressful and hope to hear all about it soon! xx