27 January 2009

Australia Day '09

26 January 2009

11 months & 1 day since we arrived in Australia. A year ago to the day our Australian work visas were approved.

And Australia Day! The day Australians don their Aussie flags like super hero capes, Aussie flag bikinis, thongs (slip slops), t-shirts, hats, shorts, dresses, tattoos, face paint. Green & gold lamingtons, wigs, blankets & beach umbrellas. Thong throwing competitions, ferry races, Australian of the Year Awards, Citizenship Ceremonies, barbies, beer, picnics, beach treasure hunts, fireworks. The day when Australians celebrate being Australian.

The annual ferry race in the harbour

One of Scott's tattoos for the day

And mine - I had one of these on each arm

Us with our Aussie paraphernalia!

Scott & I went off to Newport Beach for brekkie - bacon & egg rolls - and coffee. We watched the Citizenship Ceremony with big lumps in our throats! In a few years that'll be us! I think there were about 13000 new citizens sworn in on Australia day throughout the country. Each council put on their own ceremony.

Waiting for our coffee

The beach is behind those Norfolk Pines - that's where the thong throwing competition & treasure hunt took place.

The white roofed tent in the background is where the ceremonies took place.

The Certificate of Australian Citizenship

Then it was off to the thong throwing competition. This is for adults & children alike. You pay your $2 for 3 throws and away you go. The furthest throw on the day was reported on the news as being something insane like 65m! Whoever threw that must've had a tail wind & a bloody heavy thong!!!

A kid in his green & gold about to have a go

The flag on our balcony

We headed home and just mooched around most of the day. The weather was cooler than the past few days - in the mid 20s instead of the mid 30s/early 40s! But by the afternoon it had started drizzling. So not really an ideal day for the beach. Instead we just had a barbie on the balcony with big fat lamb chops and a couple of cold beers.

Our celebrations were a little subdued though. We were anxiously awaiting news from my folks....

And I've saved the absolute BESTEST news for last..... My dad called us at about 10pm in the evening with his results from his CT scan.....

So the chemo is doing what it's supposed to do and he'll continue with another round of treatments before his next CT scan. And it's thanks to positive attitudes all around, Mom's healthy cooking and Dad's fighting spirit!!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!

So on that positive note.... until next time!



Anonymous said...

I thought the thongs were Bikini thongs????? Anybody can throw a slip slop, but who would want to throw a bikini thong when someone is in it. What a thought. ??? What a picture???
Pity the Aussie super heros got dondered by the unassuming SA cricket side on ASSIE day.
Great news on Chris. No thanks to food, only beer.

Dad and Hermit

Anonymous said...

Dear Mandy & Scott,

I never know if the comment I posted ever gets to you, need you here to give me a lesson in computers!!

Glad to hear about your Dad Mandy, and you seem to have embraced life in Australia with gusto, that's the way to go!

We enjoyed the cricket and our so proud of our boys! Apologise on their behalf for thrashing the Aussies on their special day!!

Lots of love to your both

Pat & Reg

Mamajoon said...

'thongs' would have been much more of a challenge than slip-slops! Never mind, Mike, Hermit, Chris and I know that Mitchell Johnstone (Johnson?) also throws things - maybe he should try bowling instead? But I'm sure I speak for every S.African when I say that the Oz cricket team allowed us to celebrate Australian Day with you and we enjoyed it enormously. It was very nice of them.
Seriously though, the celebrations look awesome and the two of you looked every bit Australian! Mands, I love the top - want one please?
Great news about Dads, hey? And thanks to everyone for the positive vibes they sent our way - see how they helped? Bless you all!

Carol Markusse said...

Firstly, I'm thrilled about the news of your dad doing so well. Fantastic!!!

Looks like it was a fun day. I loved the thong throwing competition. I must say I also thought it was a bikini or g-string throwing contest and wondered how the winner threw it so far LMAO!!!

Love to you both xxx

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Johan Donald said...

Wow..excellent series of photos..Thanks for sharing..Happy Aussie Day!!..
Darling harbour events

Steven said...

A few years ago when I had the chance to witness the celebration of Australia day at the great barrier, I had the honor to witness some of the culture that the Australian have and I have to say that I loved it and I respect it. The celebration of the day is very fun and I absolutely love the Australian grilled and barbecued food. Those pictures that you have shared are very good and hopefully, I get to experience something like it soon again.