09 December 2008

Scott's 1st Aussie Birthday

Happy Birthday to Scott!!!!!

Woke up with the sunrise around 5.30am. Made a pot of coffee and brought Scott his pressies & a mince pie.

My folks sent him this incredibly cool coffee mug which you plug into your car and it keeps your coffee hot. I got him a 1970 CD with music from the year. I also wrapped his card because he'd already knew what his main birthday present was.........

Scott opening his travel mug

Scott sees the cool LCD temperature display and the control buttons

Scott's birthday present..... platinum tickets to Billy Joel at Acer Arena tonight! In the 5th row!!! With VIP parking, a pre-show party and an after show party......... Wooohooooo!!!!!!!


Carol Markusse said...

Happy Birthday Scottabol. Although it's not quite your birthday here yet, I couldn't ignore your blog post. We hope you have a really awesome year. Enjoy the concert!!! Wow!!! Lots of love us. PS Still no baby here so who knows, maybe he'll arrive on your birthday still... Well here in Canada anyway :o) xxxx

Mamajoon said...

Hello! We are just 34 minutes into your birthday, Skottel. Hope you are having a good one. Nice to see the pics of you opening the pressie! Enjoy Mr Joel tonight, I am turning bright green.

Anonymous said...

"It's lovely to be Scott, I'm happy as can be. There isn't anybody who is quite the same as me!"

Happy Birthday Mr Mupersan! Enjoy the concert.

Love Dom, Mel, Anna & Jean

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott!! Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the concert and hope you have a wonderful day!!

Megan & Shane

Anonymous said...

Hi Scotty,
A very happy birthday. Hope there are going to be a lot more spent in Aussie. Enjoy the concert. Love to you both. Speak soon.
Dad and Cavell

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Scott, all the way from the misty isle. Hope you had a fab show and party.

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Hey Scooter, a big and happy BIRTHDAY to you today. Wow, awesome birthday present. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Love to all


mupersan-1 said...

Thats twice in 1 week that I have been called Scooter, an old nickname from school. Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes, and a very big thank you to Mandy for my awesome present of the Billy Joel Concert.. We had a blast. I missed out on all concerts in Sefrica, as Port Elizabeth only had 1 that I remember, and it was rained out. I got a super cool pressi from Mnady's folks as well, which is an electric coffee mug, which plugs into the car lighter, and keeps the coffee hot..it works well. Thanks mama June and Chris. Well, I am off to save the world, or a really small peice of it, Thanks again to all of you..