03 November 2008

John's Visit to Sydney

So a few weeks ago, I got an email from my mom telling me that a friend of her's was coming out to Sydney and did we want anything from South Africa? Hrmmmm...... And put me on the spot like that and I couldn't think of a single thing! I'm happy to report that there's everything we could want here - including a shop down the road which sells Pepperdews (yes, they are a South African product!), Aramat, Niknaks and very good biltong. But the one thing I used regularly in South Africa that I can't get here are Myprodols. It's the BEST painkiller EVER!!! So that's what I asked for - Myprodols.

Now that meant meeting up with my mom's friend, John. I'd met John earlier this year when I was selling off my CDs - he bought several and I went to drop them off. So there's only one thing I know about John - he's got excellent taste in music! :-)

John arrived in Sydney late on the Saturday night. We picked him up at his hotel in Milson's Point on the Sunday morning and took a leisurely drive out to West Head. Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera with us - doh! It was a beautiful day and the perfect spot to start off a great day!

Here's a reminder of what West Head looks like....

Then it was a drive through the Kuringai National Park back to Mona Vale. We had a relaxed lunch on the balcony - my speciality - marinaded fillet steak on the barbie. A bottle of wine and some excellent conversation later.....

John and the depleted bottle in Mona Vale

John & Scott on the balcony

Once John had successfully inducted Scott into the world of "Yes dear....", we went for a walk along the beach. Hrm..... thanks for that John!!! :-)

John & I on the beach road

John & I deep in conversation about something important!


John instructing Scott on the finer points of "Yes dear" use in the most inappropriate situations!

Scott & John on the beach

The stunning Mona Vale Beach

Gettin' serious....?

Heading up the stairs at the end of the beach to the Mona Vale headland

The view from the top of the headland down across the golf course. The red arrow points to our apartment

Scott & John on the Mona Vale golf course with the local hospital in the background

John's officially been adventuring in Australia with The Hat

John in front of his hotel at the end of a fabulous day

We had a great day - hopefully we'll get to spend more time with John on his next visit to Sydney.



Caroline said...

You made me laugh - myprodols are the one and only thing I ever ask for from South Africa!

They are truly excellent. Good to see you had such a good time, as usual - lovely pics

Caroline said...

I have given you an award - please collect

John Wilter said...

Thank you for a special memory day in Mona Vale (and elsewhere in Sydney), Mandy and Scott. It felt like I have known both of you forever - rather than for a day. Your Weber was delicious - and the Australian Red I brought was delightful. Looking forward to seeing you again in February or March. Best regards.
John Wilter

The Mupersans said...

John, it was an absolute pleasure having you here - it's just a pity it was only for a day.
We're looking forward to your visit next year. I hope you're going to be accompanied by your other half! :-)

Grant said...

Hi Guys

Thanks for the update, boy that place seems to be getting better and better. Keep them coming. Love to all