24 November 2008

A Big Hello from Down Under San (Mupersan Down Under)

It’s been a while, a long while. Mandy has been an absolute star with keeping you all updated on the blog. I haven’t done any writing for a while, as I haven’t been up to much, besides getting a promotion or 2, and working pretty hard. My travels haven’t taken me out of Sydney for a while, and I have been kind-of confined to the city centre and the North shore, but with my latest “promotion”, I am getting around a bit more again - to the tune of 250km per day.

Now this doesn’t sound far, but when it takes 4 to 5 hours of this kind of travelling in traffic, it starts to get pretty tiring, and loooong. However, thanks to my trusty new IPod Nano, the trips are made much easier... I think I broke the last one; maybe it was the drop from 10ft up that did the trick. Or one of the electrical shocks I had while plugged into it when an idiot electrician switched the power on, on an open circuit. Either way, it has retired!

Below is a picture of the area I am currently driving (c/o Google maps)

Click on the map to enlarge

F- Home

B – Site 1, and Army base in an area called Holsworthy. Drive time from F to B is about 1.5 hrs, through city centre and a few tunnels. Quite a bit of fun in morning Traffic, as you can easily get caught in a tunnel with all the fumes. I sat in the harbour tunnel for 15 minutes on one of the days, with a few tons of water above my head, not a pleasant thought.

Residential houses near the Holsworthy station and base

Small apartment block in Holsworthy

Closer to the Base

C – Warragamba Dam, this is one of Sydneys major dams, undergoing a bit of reconstruction. This is on the outskirts of the Blue mountains and Sydney, with lovely views of the bush.

The dam control building where we installed

The dam under construction

D – The Baulkham Hills and Castle Hill area. A large number of SA immigrants seem to settle here, and it looks like a typical new Durbanville Hills / Johannesburg development. Not my cuppa tea, but each to their own.

Durbanville Hills, or is it Baulkham Hills.....? You decide

Baulkham Hills Houses

Cycleway, pedestrian & cycle bridge - heading to Castle Hill

Glass sided bridges - heading to Castle Hill

My trip home from Castle Hill takes me through St Ives, where a weary traveler has been known to stop for a bag of biltong, and some Nick Nacks at the local Saffer shop, very yummy.

One thing that I love about my work is the travelling. I get to see so much of the city, and all the different life styles. Mandy and I will hopefully be doing a bit more travelling around the state, and then interstate next year, s we still haven’t been to the Blue Mountains, although next weekend we are going to a town a few hundred Km’s up the drag to go swimming with wild dolphins. A story for another day....

Temperatures in the areas B, C and D have been up in the 35°C, with one in the 40’s that melted tar onto my tyres. Oh, and it’s still Spring! On the News last night there was talk of 50°C days over December, but this will be more in the interior. Its sounds a bit alarming, but on chatting to a few locals at the surf lifesaving club last night, it appears that this is quite common, after all one of the towns in the great outback, Coober Pedy, is built underground, to avoid the searing temps.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy Hotel

Coober Pedy Campground

Below is an excerpt from the camp ground pic.

"Okay, so the budget underground accommodation options aren't the prettiest, but they are cool and quiet. It's always a relief to escape the heat and the flies and the dust above ground."

And take note of the walls in all the pictures above, those beautiful rose colours and patterns. The underground homes people live in don't look like those budget places, rather they look like the flashy hotel in the first picture: tall ceilings, modern interior, and those gorgeous walls... Or, if they are older, then everything is rounded...

Well, that’s it for me today. The sky is grey, the see is calm, and we’re off to Shelly beach to go snorkelling, to get some practice in for next week’s adventure.

Chats soon


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Carol Markusse said...

Hey you!! Nice to hear from you too once in a while. Well done on all your promotions. Enjoy the dolphins xxx