28 October 2008

Reptile Park Pt II

Yip, we did actually get to Gosford after the Reptile Park! Sorry about that - I left the out a chunk of the story....

What can I tell you about Gosford.....? It has alot of fast food places? We didn't see much that made us stand up and notice. But then, in Gosford's defence, we were starving by the time we left the Reptile Park and were looking for something decent to eat (read non-fast-food-type) after 3pm on Labor Day. Maybe that's why we ended up noticing so many fast food joints. Needless to say, we had to settle for MickyD's. Every couple of years I cave in and have MacDonalds. I quickly remember why I've stayed away so long - it's just like eating a cardboard cutout of a burger! Yuck!

Anyway, we found a little table under cover next to a lake and ate our cardboard while watching a thunderstorm approaching. As we finished eating it came pelting down so we decided to call it a day and head for home. It's definitely an area we plan to go back to - we didn't get to Terrigal unfortunately. Apparenly there's a stunning beach there. (Seabee - this is where you give me the lowdown on your home town so we know where to go on our next trip!) {Seabee is an Aussie living in Dubai - he's got a great blog -
click here to have a look}

Anyway, here are the rest of our pics from our trip out to the Central Coast...

Scott & I at the lookout point above Gosford


Solid rock on either side of the road

Cool shot taken up out of our sunroof

Going over the Mooney-Mooney bridge

Just an arb highway shot - coming up to the Mooney Mooney turnoff

These safety ramps are brilliant! There are plenty of very long downhills on this particular highway (Sydney to Brisbane). In case your brakes fail, you can just head on up one of these safety ramps to stop & call for help. Must say that I wouldn't like to be a big lorry having to use one of these! But I suppose they must have prevented a good few accidents over the years.

And that's all for now - will post again soon 'cos there are a few things to catch up on!



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Seabee said...

Gosford is a place to pass by, there's nothing there and it's very run down. (The waterfront is the only nice part). Just keep on going for about twenty minutes and you're in Terrigal with a beautiful beach, plenty of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, 5-star hotels, shops...and our house up on the hill at the top of The Bowl.