05 October 2008

Just Life & Winning Grand Finals

Well hello there!!!

Gosh, it seems like ages since I updated the blog. But funnily enough, that's not to say that we've been racing around doing all sorts of exciting things.

We've just been getting down to the serious business of settling into our new suburb and living our lives. Which doesn't really make for very interesting reading I'm afraid. So I thought I'd take you through a typical day....

Every morning we wake up with the sunrise - up until this morning, that was around 5.30am. We moved the clocks forward an hour last night so we're into WONDERFUL daylight savings time! Wooohooo - now we've got a whole lot more useful daylight time.

The sunrise on Wednesday, 24 September

We hit the road by 6am for our walk. We head out onto the Mona Vale golf course across the road and along the coastline all the way up to the headland on the other side of the course. I'm going to take the camera with me one of these fine days so that you can see the amazing views on our walk. It's a great way to start the day.

Our morning walk takes us along the coastline on the course and then up onto the headland in the distance.

Sunrise on Sunday 28 September

After our walk, it's shower time, dressing for work and then brekkie. Sometimes it's brekkie on the balcony.

It's a hard life!

Other times, when we're both hitting work early, we eat brekkie while checking emails in the study.

Scott's got a new van at last - a Toyota HiAce panel van. Thank goodness it looks absolutely NOTHING like a Saffer taxi!!! Betsy's been put into semi-retirement. Shame, she really does need the rest. His drives to work are now way more pleasant - he can actually hear the radio and everything doesn't vibrate & rattle around. He's been working all over the place - out in Castle Hill in the west, the city centre, Wahroonga, Mosman and then on a new project down the road from our place in Warriewood. The new project is 2 minutes away from home by car - he really could walk there if he didn't need to transport his tools. He's really settling nicely into the supervisor role they've given him. Initially, it was quite a steep learning curve as he was managing installations of some really advanced systems. But in usual Mupersan style, he's mastered it all and is flying ahead of the pack!!!

Sunrise Thursday 2 October

My work's going great. I'm getting a handle on everything and learning a fair bit about golf. I'm also really excited about the newest member that I signed up last weekend.... Retired Wallabie number 10, Matt Burke. What a lovely guy and turns out that he also lives here in Mona Vale. Maybe we'll bump into him at the beach!

Talking of the beach.... last weekend we finally got around to hitting a surf shop and getting ourselves a couple of body boards & shortie wetsuits. But then the weather turned and the wind blew the waves flat!!!

So back to the daily grind... After work, if we're finished early enough, we head down to the beach with supper and a glass of wine for supper. Maybe a walk along the beach and dip our toes in. If the weather's not great, we'll sit on the balcony or just park off and watch some telly. There are some really good Aussie made programs which we watch regularly. And Australian Idol has brought out some incredible talent. You can see some videos of the contestants on the website here. Let me know what you think. My current favourites are Wes and Chrislyn.

Hrm.... so what else has been happening? Oh we went to the 31st Annual Manly Jazz Festival yesterday with a friend of Scott's from work, Chris who lives in Manly. We had a great day - didn't get to see too much of the jazz because it turned into quite a party. Manly is a real party place and a great party was had by all! We took a bus through there and took a cab home last night.

One of the jazz stages on the Manly Corso

Scott & Jemma having ice cream with Chris Wright (Wrongy) & Chris Pitman (the one who lives in Manly)

The New Brighton Hotel on the Corso

Just some fun in between the rain

Scott & Chris being boys!

This was at the Manly Wharf Hotel - I think!

So today was a bit of a slow day..... Not too much happening but reading, snoozing & eating a greasy breakfast. I think the most energetic thing I did today was change all the clocks!

And this evening was the NRL (rugby league) Grand Final - The Manly Sea Eagles vs Melbourne Storm. And Manly won 40 - 0!!!! Woooohooooo!!!! Go Manly!!!!!!

It's a long weekend here - Labor Day on Monday. So we're planning a busy day tomorrow to make up for the lack of activity today. Hopefully there'll be some waves (not too big!) tomorrow so we can go for a surf.

Until next time...


Ness said...

OMG - Matti Burke - he's a hottie!! Believe it or not, once when the Waratahs were in Cape Town, I bumped into him at Woolworths in Cavendish of all places! I recognised him as someone I recognised so I cheerfully said hi as if I was greeting an old friend, and just as I had my hand up waving, I suddenly realised who he was, and that he HAD NO CLUE who I was, or why I was waving. Man did I feel like a dumb starstruck blonde at *that* moment! But it was worth it to see him in the flesh...yum!

The Mupersans said...

Ness, yip, he is a SERIOUS hottie!!! But the best part is that he's really such a nice guy. No ego whatsoever, engages people in conversation & is genuinely interested in what they have to say. I walked around grinning like a Cheshire cat all day after we chatted while I was busy with his paperwork. Chatting about Cape Town cos he's been there so many times.

But then the really good part.... watching him putt on the 18th which is next to my office.... and then he had to bend over to pick up his ball..... 3 of us girls in the office nearly had heart failure!!! Thank the gods for tinted glass or we would've been caught having a right old perve! LOL!

Caroline said...

I was so sure that I had left a comment about you sunrise.... I LOVE you'r view - I've said it before and I'll say it again!

Good to see you are having so much fun. Ain't no hotties around these parts - not that I'm looking you understand.