28 October 2008

Gone Surfin'

We've been threatening to do it since forever! So a few weeks ago, we headed out to the Warringah Mall's branch of Surf, Dive, Ski (SDS) and bought ourselves a couple of body boards, fins & shortie wetsuits. And then we hit the waves.....

I was ready with the camera for Scott's first surf.

Surferboy hits Mona Vale beach

Ready to go....

Hit play to watch his progress

A little out of breath but the smile says it all!

Enough with the camera already! I can't breath!

Still learning how to work that damn zip

Yes, he managed to snap off a shot of me before I hit the water

And now with daylight savings, there's even time for a surf after work - which we've done a couple of times already. It's amazing how the work day disappears as soon as you hit the water. Wonderful! :-)

That's it for now!


Carol Markusse said...

That looks like loads of fun!!! You guys really are enjoying your new lives. Wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

Are they seals, maybe whales, or maybe South Africans now living the good life. Be careful out there, remember, shark see food, shark eat food, and you can't fool a shark. Hmmmm, must say wet suits look a little "tight", or maybe just the light. Keep on having fun, and enjoy the opportunities that life has given you.
Dad and Kermit

The Mupersans said...

LOL! Yes they are rather tight... As you say, living the good life! :-)

Caroline said...

I don't know about the water but the sand looks good to me. What I would give for a long walk (barefoot) along the edge of the water right now.....

Anonymous said...

Hi fellow Saffers.. if you need anything.. give a shout.. I live in Neutral Bay.. been here 6.5years.. ex Randburg.. my website.. www.thecapeclub.com will fill in the who/what and if you needing any marvelous SAfrican Wines .. would be good to hear from you.
Kind regards, Jean.. ps I am a regular on Caroline's blog..