25 October 2008

Australian Reptile Park

After recovering from our hangovers after the "Jazz Festival", we decided to head out for a drive up the coast. We had in mind to go through to Gosford just to see what was there. Before we got there, we came across the Australian Reptile Park so decided to give it a go....

The sign from the highway

Me under the entrance

These Tazmanian Devils are amazing! They look pretty cute 'n cuddly until they start fighting or feeding. Here you can see them feeding & fighting over a kangaroo leg.

One of the indoor exhibitions - this was quite fun with smoke & sound effects around this Sobek-like Egyptian crocodile god.

These were two very curious little guys

You lookin' at me? Huh? You lookin' at me punk?

These indoor displays were all for snakes and exotic species - beautifully done.

Wombats are incredibly shy and are also cute 'n cuddly-looking.

Scott's favourites - the massive bats - Sydney's grey headed flying foxes

A baby emu - very small and obviously orphaned. It was very curious & extremely alert.

You wouldn't think that these chilled out dogs are actually wild Dingo's!

"Miss Piggy" - a pig-nosed turtle. She wouldn't really oblige with the good pose, but you can kinda see her snout - exactly like a little piggy!

I was trying to get Scott to bite this big monster's tale for the photo but he wouldn't oblige either! *sigh* Isn't it a bitch when the wildlife won't play along....?

So prehistoric!

Just hanging out!

This is an enormous salt water croc - just under 5 metres long!!!

I couldn't belive just how soft these kangaroo coats are

Scott managed to wrestle the camer away from me for a few seconds!

Ah! Got it back!

A Superb Fairy-wren - this little bird is tiny with the brightest blue ring around his neck.

You wouldn't want to be out in this tinnie with these crocs in the water!

I love koalas. I want one as a pet. They're absolutely fascinating.

A black shouldered kite

A tawny frogmouth


Mon said...

Looks like a beautiful park guys. I love the birds - the tawny frogmouth... too cute! We haven't seen any like those birds at Currumbin.

Mamajoon said...

Ah, wish we could have been there with you. Did you ever get to Gosford????
Mom and Dads

Caroline said...

Lovely photos - I like the entrance! Quite eye catching that lizard on top there.....

Seabee said...

Very close to home for me - home is Terrigal :-)

Anonymous said...

The Tasmanian devil reminds me of someone I know back in SA. This park must be amazing, like the Lion park in Paarl????????. Yeh!!!!
Keep up the bloggs Mandy, they really make us envious!!.
Dad and Kermit

The Mupersans said...

Yip. JUST like the Lion park in Paarl - without the friggin' LIONS!!! LOL!!!
Love, Mands
PS - at least Thabo doesn't want us back anymore!