04 September 2008

Welcome to Mona Vale!


Scott took the day off last Friday and started ferrying the boxes which I'd already packed over to the new apartment. And I had to go and work. I got out of some hard labour, but I wish I could have been there anyway. Scott's last trip of the day was included the spare bed so we could sleep our first night in our new place. We had Chris - a work mate of Scott's - arriving at 6:30am on Saturday to help move the heavy stuff so we had an early night. Yes, I know the idea was to drink bubbly on the balcony to celebrate my birthday & the move to the sea...... we were just too exhausted!

But all worth it when we woke up to this! I was sitting up in bed when I took this pic. How cool is THAT!!!???

Scott with our morning coffee while we waited for Chris to arrive.

Oh what a beautiful morning........

This is how men move..... You have NO idea how heavy that damn couch is!

We haven't finished unpacking all the boxes yet - mostly books and a few other odds 'n sods. We're off to Ikea on Saturday to get another desk for Scott's PC and a bookshelf. Then the last of the stuff can be unpacked and we can tackle the garage. Oh, did I mention that we have a double garage? Scott's van doesn't fit in at the moment because there are still boxes and camping gear lying around.

The following pics I took this morning. We woke up yesterday morning and the weather had started to get a little miff. This morning it's quite wild 'n woolly out there.

The kitchen - with a view

Lounge - with a view

The bedroom - with a view

Dawn from the balcony

Sunrise from the balcony

This place is absolutely amazing! It has a similar feel to our flat in Pinelands - bright, warm and feels like home.

So I go onto the 'net yesterday at work to see if there's a Woolies or Coles or any other big supermarket in Mona Vale. Yip - both a Woolies and a Coles. The Woolies website said the store was open from 7am to midnight. I thought it had to be a mistake so I popped in on my way home from work yesterday. Y'right!!!! They're open 'til midnight - everynight!!! And it's a HUGE store. Woolies here is only a food store (The Fresh Food People) - no clothing or homewares. Think the same size as and quality of goods as Pick 'n Pay at Constantia Village.

Oh, and did I mention that it takes me less than 10 minutes to get to work? LOL! Do I sound like I'm gloating? Maybe I am a little. I just cannot believe that we've got it SO good here. A little part of me is waiting for something to go wrong. So we're savouring every minute of this new spot and we're extremely aware of just how bloody lucky we are.

Better run - still need to have brekkie and do some housework before I start work at 9am (it's now 8am).

Cheers all!


PS: Thank you ALL for your wonderful birthday wishes!!!


Mamajoon said...

Wow! What an absolutely stunning spot. I want a sink like that - overlooking the sea. Makes washing the dishes a pleasure, huh?

The Mupersans said...

You betchya!!!! :-)

Carol Markusse said...

Wow!! That is gorgeous. What a stunning find. Enjoy setting up your new home.

Grant said...

Hi Guys

Congrats on your new pad. Looks amazing. It is so fantastic to see how things are falling into place for you guys. Cant wait to come visit you guys one day.

Love to all


Pat said...

What a View! Happy Belated Birthday Wishes. Lots of Love,

Pat & Reg

Raúl y Pablo said...

me gusta mucho tu blog lo visito todos los dias visita tu el mio y si t gusta deja un comentario y nos linkeamos los blogs

Pearl Maple said...

Just joined the expat womens site and following the links to all the blogs down under.

You have some lovely things going on here in your blog space, congrats on achieving your dream and how kind of you to share your adventure with other bloggers.