24 July 2008

Out 'n About

Yip, I'm back again! Just a quick catch up blog..... Mostly a photo blog so enjoy!

Wednesday, 14th May 2008

A couple who we met through the immigration forum website, Carrie & Warren, we out here on an LSD trip (Look, See, Decide). You can check out their blog HERE. We met up with them at a restaurant at Darling Harbour where we had a few schooners and a some tukker. It was fabulous spending time with these lovely like-minded people.

Carrie hates being in photos almost as much as I do! I managed to sneak this one in!

Me, Carrie & Warren

Darling Harbour at night

Saturday, 17th May 2008

We decided to head on into the city for the day. The plan was to walk through Hyde Park and see where the path took us. I'll let the pics tell the story....

Our first port of call as the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) for a bit to eat at a great little Japanese restaurant. We had a meal combination of a sushi platter and udon noodle soup. Needless to say, the soup was not the easiest thing in the world to eat - especially with chopsticks!!! Scott tried to cheat with a spoon, but even that wasn't too successful!

Stairway & old fashioned elevator shaft (fully functional) at the QVB

Ladies' toilet at the QVB

Entrance to the ladies' at the QVB

Just an arb pic taken in the city centre

This plaque is at the entrance of the Anzac Memorial Building in Hyde Park. The following pics were taken in and around the Anzac Memorial.

The ceiling here is covered with embossed gold stars of varying sizes - just a pity this pic doesn't do this beautiful ceiling justice.

This is the Sandringham Garden within Hyde Park

The centrepiece of the Sandringham Garden

I think someone may have added some soapy stuff to this really pretty fountain in the Sandringham Garden.

Scott in the Sandringham Garden

The centre of Hyde Park with Park Street running from the city centre to King's Cross & Paddington (left to right)

This is such a stunning fountain at the opposite end of Hyde Park to the Anzac Memorial

The full view of the fountain. There's a Diet Coke TV advert which is shot here (yip, here it's Diet Coke - not Coke Lite)

St Mary's catholic church - this is where "Eggs" stayed for World Youth Day (this is what Pope Benedict was affectionately known as while he was here last week.)

This is walking out the end of Hyde Park - the brick building on the right is the Hyde Park Barracks.

After we'd finished in the park, we headed down towards The Rocks for something to quench our parched throats. We came across this restaurant board and couldn't resist...

The board above ended up being the restaurant section of this fabulous pub - The Observer - where we ended up spending most of the evening

This guy was brilliant! Excellent pub muso who could play just about anything. We had a blast listening to some genuine Aussie pub rock!!! And because we've been listening to Aussie radio for years now (via the internet), we knew most of the Aussie songs! :-)

Sharing our table with some locals

This was the last time the camera came out - and it was still early! We had heaps more schooners over the next few hours and ended up taking the train home quite late that night! :-)


Grant said...

Hi All

Ssssccchhwwweeeeet, another blog. Has Christmas come early? Thank's for the update. The pictures are awesome. Am amazed at how clean everything seems to be

The photos of Hyde Park are breathtaking. So did the couple make a decision? Oh, what happened to the hat boet?

Love to all


Seabee said...

Your pics make me homesick!

The Mupersans said...

Haven't you heard of Christmas in July Grant??? LOL!
Yes, they did make their decision - once you've been here, I don't know that's its humanly possible NOT to want to live here!!! :-) They're busy gathering all their paperwork in order to submit their application.
Check out Carrie's blog and also the new immigration website www.sa2oz.org.

The Mupersans said...

Hey Seabee
Come on home, mate!

dave said...

I can relate to seabee. Nice pictures mupersans, but I am currently missing Qld not waratah country, especially stuck in this 45 degree UAE heat.
Enjoy Oz mupersans..... aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi ......

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what dave and Seebee said expect I missing VIc/Qld and am in Good Ol uncle Sams country