20 June 2008

It's About Time.....

Boy! Am I in BIG poo for not posting for so long! My humble apologies to those of you who check the blog regularly for updates. (Especially you, Grant!)

So what on earth have we been up to? Well, settling in really. Finding our feet, getting to know our way around this enormous city, making our apartment feel like home and doing a few fun things along the way. Gosh, I've just looked at the photos we've taken since the last post at the beginning of May and there are stacks! So we seem to have done more than I thought. Okay, so this requires a strategy to set the records straight, as it were....... The best way to do this - and most manageable - is to post a few shorter catch-ups instead of one long one. Thing that takes the most time, is selecting the photos, downsizing each one and then positioning & captioning them into the blog website. So here's the first one......

Saturday, 25th April 2008

This was a VERY special day for some VERY special people......

Our beautiful niece, Jasmyne, celebrated her first birthday.

Our very special friend and gorgeous goddess, Janke, celebrated her 30th birthday.

And then there's Thomas..... A little background first...... Marc & Janke occasionally host the most awesome braai's. They usually start in the early afternoon and carry on until the wee hours. There are probably about 5 or 6 meal sittings in that time. People arrive, others leave, more arrive, another couple leave, a whole gang arrives, another small party leaves, another arrives......... You get the picture. They're extremely festive affairs and have become legendary. Over the years, we've met some amazing and interesting people as fellow guests at these gatherings. James and Nike Ware are two such people. (in fact I do remember one night, many many years ago.... a restaurant near Caledon Square.... I'm almost certain it was Jame's bachelor party - I could be mistaken) Their son, Thomas, came along 3 years ago and then the Wares left South Africa to seek their fortune in Abu Dabi. From all accounts, it was hot, expensive, bloody hot and not much fun. The company James was working for offered him a transfer to Sydney which he took. And that, in a nutshell, is how the Wares have ended up in a beautiful (if somewhat sparsely furnished) house in the seaside village of Avalon just north of Sydney for Thomas' 3rd birthday. An event to which we celebrated together.

Their furniture hadn't arrived yet, so we took along our blow up mattress, camping chairs, Weber barbie and some extra crockery. Right from the start we absolutely fell in love with Avalon - it's absolutely stunning!!!!

Okay, time is running away from me so I'm not going to write any more - will just add some pics. It was a FABULOUS weekend and I can't tell you how great it was to spend a weekend with people we knew.

A lookout point near James & Nike's place - I think that's Avalon beach behind us.

A pretty cool shot - if you look at the reflexion in Scott's glasses, you'll see us all.

James, Thomas & Nike

Thomas showing off for me & the camera at the beach

Newport Beach - it was such a stunning day - warm enough for sunblock!

Thomas' birthday pressie was a bicycle..... Oh wait, that's James!

Thomas opening some of his other pressies - we got him a Bob The Builder tool belt. It was so well secured to the box that Scott The Handiman had to come to the rescue with his Leatherman!

Thomas playing with his Thomas The Tank Engine stuff - oh, and wearing his Bob toolbelt.

Cheers for now!


Grant said...

Yippee, yahoo, yeeha, hoo hoo an update. He he seems like the trip to the plumber shop (for plug) and the guilt trip worked.

Thanks for the update, look forward to the rest. Love to all


Deon said...

hi mandy
robyn & deon here - we found your blog via Ted Schweiss - so thrilled to see you guys are in Oz - we leave for New Zealand in the next few weeks !!
Please send an email address so we can keep in contact :) fourie.deon@gmail.com or robynshefer@gmail.com are ours....
Robyn & Deon & David