19 May 2008

Mupersan's Trip to Milton

28 April - 1 May 2008

A call for help was received, and Mupersan fired up his trusty Betsy, donned his mighty fine adventure hat and headed off into the forests of the south coast.There were green forests, and rolling hills, and lots of small seaside villages, a city, and a few towns, all on route to the destination of Milton.

A lookout point near Wollongong

The view is so vast, you can see the curve of the earth! My colleague, Chris, putting that theory to the test.

Wow, what a beautiful countryside. Milton forms part of a number of small towns all a few kms apart. About 250 kms from the outskirts of Sydney, almost in line with Canberra. Thats about as close to Canberra as it gets. Its lovely. Very much like the Garden route, stunning views, lush forests, quaint towns ,fresh off a canvas. Beautiful old buildings. All this and completely self reliant with all the amenities of a big city (Bunnings, electrical shops, furniture shops etc) yet it has a small town feel about it. All around there were people out and about doing what they do. We ( another Chris And I) stayed in Milton for 2 days doing an AMX and video conference system.

The first views are as we left Sydney and entered the south coast at Wollongong The roads were winding mountain passes very similar to the passes above Pietermaritzburg. We traveled along the coast for a few kms then headed a bit inland. Along this inland route there were turnoffs to the coastal towns. The pictures could never do the area justice. Its lovely.

From here we passed through Warrilla, Shellharbour,Minnamurra, Kiama, Gerringong Cambaworra, Nowra, Tomerong, and Yabbadabbadoo (I made this up, can you tell?). Hmm, I am also looking at a map getting the names correct and guess what, no Milton.. So where did Mupersan go? Canberra exists in the twilight zone, so I won't find Milton there. Help! Ah, Google maps. I have named some of the towns, but wait, there are more, so check Google maps if you want to see.

I intend to take Mrs Mupersan (Mupersan's even more trusty sidekick) on a further adventure to explore the area. If we departed early on a Saturday morning, We would probably get to Milton by early evening, after a day spent driving through the villages, then head back on the Sunday morning or so.

After an enjoyable trip, and a job well done, and the day saved, Mupersan headed off into the late afternoon sun. He would be back, as an adventure of this calibre needs to be shared with the even more trusty Mrs Mupersan.

The following pics were taken on the trip to Milton:

And we arrived in Milton:

Milton's "High Street"

The Rainbow Pie Shop - Yummy!!!

View from our apartment balcony

Arty-farty picture - dig my funky shades!

Sunset from our balcony

Betsy parked outside the Milton Village Motel

We installed the two projectors on the ceiling, both screens (one an interactive whiteboard) and a full video conferencing sytem - Chris sitting admiring our handiwork.

Mupersan steering Betsy back towards Sydney...

One of the concrete walls along the freeway - mostly used for sound proofing for the suburbs on the either side of the road. Took this one especially for Mands who's dolphin crazy.


Grant said...

Hey Guys

When do we get an updated blog. Phew been a long time since we have been able to continue with you on your adventures


The Mupersans said...

Your wish is my command sire! :-)