27 March 2008

Scott's 3rd Week

And he trundled forward, a survival pack strapped to his back and case full of all the goodies that he would need for the task ahead. This brave young sole moved through the somewhat dense undergrowth, dodging the pesky Golden orb spiders, that were sitting in wait for their next meal. As he travelled, Indiana Jones style with a touch of Croc Dundee, he caught glimpses of what the locals know as the Coat-hanger Bridge. This was not to be his destination today, for she was a prize for another day.

Near Darling Harbour on the way to an installation

Well, thats how Monday started, relatively early. With tool case in hand, I hopped on the train and travelled to Waverton. A very pretty suburb just to the north of the Sydney Bridge. My trusty steed was not quite ready for departure, so the iron horse had to do. It was a bit of a stiff walk form the station, but worth it. I was asked to join a team that was running behind on schedule, to assist in getting back on track. A pretty straight forward installation of smart board and projector, with a small twist of a new piece of equipment to try out. Hmmm, fun . Work has proven to be great fun, with a mix of interesting people. By Mid morning I received a call saying that I must collect my vehicle at 3.30pm, Wooohooo!!!!. We finished the install and one of the other techies gave me a lift to the warehouse in Chatswood. My Van is a Mercedes, built by Sangyong, Its not new, but I really don’t care, as long as it goes. For the mileage of 80 000 km, I do not believe that it was looked after well, but then it has been a company vehicle, and they are generally not well looked after. However, I will take good care of her, and get the necessary repairs done, like the ignition, which does not switch off..You have to stall it, LOL. It was repaired 6 weeks ago, but clearly not properly. It came with some stock items, like Dewalt battery power drills and cutters. As well rolls of cable and stuff that I would need. I have already placed an order for the rest of the equipment with I should get later in the week.

The ground floor of where we installed

So, at the end of the day, he cranked the old girl into life, unfolded a well used chart of the area ( my new TOM TOM 720 ) and slowly, with a large puff of misty grey smoke, moved off into wilderness. Tomorrow would be a new set of challenges, and maybe a whole new story.

An are close to where we were installing

Tuesday arrived, and another beautiful day it promised to be. With Gps in hand, I mozied on down to Roseville, a short distance down the pacific highway from where I live in Wahroonga. I was to meet up with my team mate Chris , a local to both the area and the city. We started at the same time. Our task had been specked as an easy one of hanging 2 smartboards, ( the projectors had already been done). This should take us ½ a day, after which I would sort my van out. NOT!!!! In the first room we had to remove a huge chunk of ceiling panel, and swop it with another, these where heavy wooden boards of around 3m x 2m, as they were expensive, the client did not want more holes in them, because the projector was in the wrong place by 1m. GRRRR.. No worries, Not my business, I must just do my job. So, room 1 took a whole day, this meant that the jobs for Tuesday and Wednesday would have to be allocated to another team, or moved, and guess what, we have a co-ordinator who does just that. Cool hey!

One of the buildings we installed in

Wednesday we were back at the same premises to do room 2, fortunately, this went real quick, as we new what we were in for. We finished in record time, which then allowed me to sort Big Bessy out with some much needed equipment. I also had to report to head office for a meeting and planning session, Hmmm, looks like some interesting things to come. A story for another day.

Crossing the Anzac bridge

Thursday was going to be a blast. With the long weekend at hand, and my installs having been shifted, Chris and I were asked to report the work shop to be on Stand by, for other teams suspected of not being able to finish the days work. At 9.30 we were sent to Pyrmont wharf to hang a white board. These are offices near to Darling harbour that were old sheds on the wharf that have been converted to offices.. WOW, what a place to work, or at least try.! My wonderful GPS has proved to Worth its weight in Gold. When the locals cant find a place, and the trusty gps does, then its work is done. Mandy and I were strongly advised to get these items, so we both did. They are cheaper than in SA, and if you visit this country, or any other, and plan on driving, this is a brilliant investment.. It has saved time and hassles. We use them walking, driving, on the train, and on the bicycles..( when they arrive) Awesome.

Crossing the Anzac bridge

From there we darted off to Cheltingham, this bit of travelling took us over Anzac bridge and up towards west Sydney, A fair drive from the city centre, where we needed to start and finish an installation. We arrived around 2 pm, and had to work really quickly to meet the days deadline, nothing like a bit of pressure. We packed up at around 5.30 and headed for the workshop to allow my trusty side kick to saddle up and head for the hills. At around 6.30 we arrived, and parted ways.

Crossing some other bridge

And as he mounted his steed “ bettsy” , he turned and looked back to see his companion slide off through the shadows. The adventure had been easy but a long one, with many obstacles. Mupersan settled in for the long journey home, enjoying the tranquillity of the area. He smiled to himself, glanced at the faded symbols on the map and moved off into the night. He had survived the ordeals to challenge the days ahead, A new adventure was just a few days away and he needed to rest.


Mandy's note: I'm quickly posting this while at work and don't know if there are any specific captions that should go with the photos. Hope I've got these ones right though.


Nubud said...

I can hear the Indiana Jones theme playing in the background as the intrepid Muperson boards his Bessie for Bondi!
The weather has turned chilly and Nuu now finds a sunny spot in the morning and a friendly lap at night. Considering that his 'registered' name is Cannibal, he has fortunately not had a bite of human or feline flesh - but remember the little creature he was watching in the tree? Found the remains....
speak soon

Carol Markusse said...

Hey you 2!!! I'm all caught up now and these were great updates. You both seem to have taken to the chance with great ease. Hope you job is going well Mands, I am looking forward to reading all about it.

As for our news, I still keep our blog updated ;o)
Much love xxx