04 March 2008

Scott's 1st Days of Work & Other News

G’day mates,

So now its my turn to have a bit of a chin wag, ( no its not a Chinese term).

I think that Mandy is pretty well up to date with our arrival and the first week. So, as she has been actively sorting out an apartment for us, and I must add, that from a rather scary outlook last week, to a really positive one this week, I started my first day of work. Mands found our dream spot, and we are waiting for approval, BUT, feel really positive about it. We have had 2 approvals so far, and are suddenly in a position of being able to make choices. Pretty cool hey!

So far, I have now had a whole two days of “work”. I have never been the corporate type, and although having a bit of experience in the environment, could never have been prepared enough for these past 2 days. Mandy and I ran a tight ship, were, and are pretty jacked up when it comes to professionalism, knowledge of the product and industry, and customer service. As you all know, we worked for other AV companies, and I had the opportunity to work with a large Av company when I first arrived in Cape Town. Our attitude to the industry was always that we didn’t really have any competition, as we were small, and worked in our own niche market. That should give you an overview of how we did things.

This company has been an eye opener of note. It’s actually quite difficult to know where to begin, and not to get too technical. In a nutshell: EVERYONE works to a common goal; EVERYONE believes in the system, respects the rules and protocols. We all have our places in the larger scheme of things and play an important function in the turning of the wheel. Anyone who knows me knows that I love what I do. I mean seriously have a passion for the industry. The biggest problem I had was that I could never find someone as passionate to join us and grow. I have, in the past 2 days met a group of people with the same passion. This company employs around 300 people, and then some. The vibe is incredible. The efficiency is unbelievable. The attitude of the staff is “work to live” not “live to work”. Everyone works flat out during the week, BUT, they don’t work very hard, they work very smart. Productivity runs at a level that I have never seen, and not only at the company, but everywhere you go.

So this is how the first 2 days went: Arrived at 9am. I had been warned that the managers and directors were away in Fiji (terrible incentive to have to achieve. I would have to really force myself). So Chris (also an new AV tech) and I were let off the hook from induction, and spent the day meeting colleagues, and getting to see how this machine works from the outside. As we went to each department and were introduced to the relevant staff, we observed how things get done. For example, in project management ( the department that we will work in) our work clothes were ordered yesterday and they arrived today. Okay, so one pair of long pants didn’t arrive, they’ll be here tomorrow.



Hiya all,

Mandy here now. So Scott mentioned that we found our dream apartment..... Over the last 24 hours we've heard that 4 of the 7 apartments we applied for over the weekend have been approved. Then yesterday afternoon I called an agent to enquire about another advert I'd seen and went through to Warrawee to check out the place. He told me he had 2 apartments - the second hadn't been advertised yet. It's the best apartment so far!!!!! So I filled in all the forms on the spot and paid the holding deposit straight away. We're the only ones with an application in and the agent says that he doesn't see that there'll be a problem with it being approved. We should have final confirmation tomorrow and hopefully be able to move into the apartment on Friday.

The apartment is in a complex called Lexington and has a BBQ area and a gym (bottom left of photo). It's a 2 bedroomed apartment with built in cupboards, 2 bathrooms (incl ensuite), laundry (already kitted out with washing machine & tumble dryer) and a fabulous kitchen which has a gas stove and electric oven.

This is the Lexington complex - our spot is in the bottom right hand
corner overlooking the garden with some privacy from the treesThis is just a picture of the demo apartment but you get the idea

Of course, not that we have much to move in with - just our suitcases for now. We're expecting our unacompanied baggage to arrive during this week so at least we'll have a couple of pots, sleeping bags and a sound system. Music! As long as I've got music, I'll be fine! :-) So it'll be camping out until the container arrives.

So there's also some other news too.... I figured that if you've managed to get this far, you deserve to hear it! LOL! I was asked to go into the the company offices today to chat to one of the directors about a job. Well, they've offered me a position which sounds pretty good. I'll be doing site visits, spec-ing installations and ensuring the techies (Scott) have all the equipment they need on site. I'll also be liaising with the clients - private schools mostly - regarding the scope of work to be done and making sure we're giving them the right products for their needs. Most of the installations will be Smartboards and projectors. Some control systems and video conferencing systems. So it should keep me out of mischief - they're also giving me a Carolla hatch (RunX) with all expenses paid. This is a serious bonus as it means we won't need to buy a car - a great saving! So now we'll have a little extra dosh to kit out our swanky new apartment. :-)

I know I wasn't going to work initially but this kinda just fell into my lap and it's going to make life SO much easier. So I'll give it a go and see how things pan out.

Okay, so it's getting late and I need my beauty rest. Sorry about the lack of pics - I promise to take some decent ones this weekend and post them.

All our love, hugs & upsidedown kisses!



Nubud said...

Pretty flash, huh?

Nubud said...

Pretty flash, huh?

Carol Markusse said...

Whoo hoo on the jobs and the apartments. You guys are flying LOL.